Who wants to be better at working out?  Question is, who doesn’t?  Really, working out shouldn’t have to be a drag or a nag on your daily routine.  Rather, working out should be about improving your body and mind, filled with different routines and workouts, and best of all, FUN!  

Multi-faceted approaches in fitness and health are just as important as maintenance, consistency, discipline, and structure.  

Below you will find 10 Easy Ways to be Better at Working Out!  

For some of you, these might already be a natural inclination and habit, but for others, incorporating these approaches may mean all the difference.  


ONE:  DYNAMIC stretching versus STATIC stretching


As we all know, stretching is super important for muscle growth and repair.  By loosening our muscles, we avoid hindering our true capability, and more importantly, we prevent possible injury and setback.  So what is static stretching?  Static stretching is stretching your body while at rest.  This is good!  But how about trying some dynamic stretching BEFORE a workout, and saving the static stretching for POST-workout.  Dynamic stretching can really ‘warm-up’ your muscles and get your blood circulating oxygen throughout your body.  So why not try some jumping jacks or swinging your arms around, pretty much anything with motion!



Like to wander aimlessly with no direction? Cool!  Let’s ask ourself the question: why do I work out? It’s important to know! So let’s set up some goal-setting strides in motion.  Want to know the best thing about setting goals?  It keeps you driven and motivated to fulfill your aspirations.  And even better, if you REWARD yourself for achievement, it’ll keep you motivated!  Even if you think it’s totally insignificant, reaching a goal is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! Don’t sell yourself short!




Okay.  Cardio before strength training can deplete our body of the energy levels we desperately need.  If your above goal is to build muscle, allocate most of that energy to working out before you do your cardio.  

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!


FOUR:  Multi-tasking 


So we are self proclaimed ‘expert’ multi-taskers.  Why not incorporate that attitude by maximizing our time at the gym.  Going back to that multi-faceted approach previously mentioned, next time you do pull ups, why not immediately do a roman chair leg raise to workout that core?  

Now that’s what I call efficiency!

FIVE:  Don’t have enough time? No excuses!


We get it!  There just isn’t enough time in a day to workout.  I truly believe that if you practice the art of time management, then you’ll actually be left with extra time on your plate.  What do I mean?  Maybe you need to prepare for a meeting the following day, why not spend 20-30 minutes on the bicycle preparing.


SIX:  Body weight version before adding more weight


Ambition is a great quality.  However, being overzealous and overly ambitious can potentially lead to injury.  Before adding weight or intensity, make sure you feel comfortable with your form.  If you ever feel that your form is being compromised due to increased weight or intensity, then regress and be patient, you’ll get there eventually!




Anyone can walk in a straight line!  Next time on your fitness adventures, try doing some lateral (side) lunges.  This is great for obtaining balance, knee stability, strength, and agility.


EIGHT:  Intervals anyone?


Remember earlier how we were stressing the importance of introducing fun and creative ways to work out.  Well this is an option.  Switching up your speed, weight, or intensity through intervals means you can work out at a super-high intensity without burning out.  Even better, by adopting this into your workout you’ll continue to burn calories afterwards.  



Guy sitting after exercise in the gym

Our bodies NEED this.  Period.  If you need to rest, do it.  Why risk injury?

TEN:  Never be afraid to ask for help!


Can’t stress this enough.  Living in the individualistic society that is the United States, we sometimes feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness.  On the contrary, recognizing limitation and seeking help is commendable and demonstrates maturity.  Besides, a workout partner or friend is always a better alternative than the one man show!  

It’s smart to ask for help :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!