‘Tis the season of giving! What better way to get into the holiday spirit than to help someone have a great workout? These 10 random acts of fitness kindness are sure to brighten the day of anyone trying to get their fitness on! You’ll feel fantastic knowing you’ve made their workout go a bit smoother.

1. Share weights.

Offer to trade off sets in the weight room. If you’re using a machine that’s popular, let someone else work in a set while you rest between sets.


2. Let someone cut in line.

Let the person who’s huffing and puffing go ahead of you in line at the water fountain. They’ll be grateful. Or let someone go ahead of you if there’s a line for the elliptical machines.


3. Pay for someone’s class.

You can do this anonymously for a random person or a friend who’s short on money.


4. Show someone around.

If you spot a lost newbie, show them where everything is around the You can share your own tips on how to use the equipment or your techniques for getting in a really good set.


5. Grab an extra set of equipment.

In yoga class, grab an extra mat, blocks, strap, or towel for your neighbor if they need them. You can do the same for any class that requires equipment.


6. Make room.

Move your mat or other equipment over to make room if someone is looking for a spot to put theirs.


7. Spot someone.

If you see someone struggling at the bench press, kindly offer to spot them. Give them some motivating encouragement. They’ll feel much more accomplished afterwards!


8. Give an extra hair tie or pair of socks.

Did your fitness buddy leave hers at home? Keep spares on hand just in case.


9. Bring snacks.

Bring a bunch of bananas or a box of granola bars to hand out to your group after a long run or hike. They’ll need the energy!


10. High five!

Someone just beat his or her record for number of weighted pull ups? Managed to twist themselves into a pretzel in yoga? Held their plank for an insane amount of time? Offer them a well-deserved high five as they pass by you.

Talayna Fortunato, South East and Annie Thorisdottir, Europe


The holidays are a great time to start incorporating these random acts of kindness into your workouts, but they are also great things to do year round! See if you can fit at least one into your next workout session.