10 Steps to Becoming a Fit Chick

Aiming to be healthier and fitter on the outside and the inside is always on the plate. There are many advantages that being in a good shape offers, including- feeling stronger, fitting effortlessly into your favorite clothes, higher self esteem and the like. Staying fit and healthy and attaining the many advantages of it, requires great commitment and devotion to the following 10 steps-

The Attitude

Many fitness experts encourage their clients to replace old unhealthy habits with new ones. As soon as the desired amount of weight is lost, individuals tend to return to their unhealthy habits. Soon, being ‘back to square one’ is felt and the high self esteem, lean body and health drain away. This is the reason a permanent change in attitude is encouraged, in order to achieve a permanent and healthy change in lifestyle.


It might sound like a cliché, but water is a great source of fitness and health. Flawless skin of several women is the result of a well hydrated system. Water also serves the purpose of being a cleanser and has purifying qualities for the body.

Flexible Diet

Many diets fail because monotony kills the fun idea of losing weight and staying fit. Remember the following- eat right, eat smart and savor every bite. Adding fruits and green vegetables can be another great way to make sure there is flavor and taste on the table. Obsessing over every bite being consumed can make matters difficult.


Working under a professional trainer or a coach is a great idea. Going for a run every day helps build the baseline for exercising, but it is not a complete workout. Gradually working the way up and changing the nature of the exercise is the key. When stretching or working out hurts, it means you are heading towards your desired change.


Pushing oneself does not indicate a harsh workout routine or beating oneself to achieve unrealistic goals. The body requires rest and care without any compromise.

Stealth Health

Find ways to incorporate healthy behaviors in everyday routine. For instance, maintain a good posture while sitting or sleeping.


Fight off this one enemy of mental peace. Interfering with your health plans, stress requires thorough management. Do not let stress drain away your energy. Hold its reins to materialize your efforts towards a healthy lifestyle.

Do not compare

If a friend or a relative managed weight loss faster in comparison, no need to stress over it. Every individual is unique and changes become obvious at differing paces. Avoid comparisons.


Learning to be in the moment can help a great deal. Whether it is with relevance to the food intake or exercising, enhance your experience with mindfulness.

Begin Today

Delaying fitness plans is one of the worst ideas. Once the goal is laid out, start on the very day. Tomorrow is not a favorable choice to begin a healthy lifestyle.

Remember, becoming fit is for one’s own mental peace and strength. Following the aforesaid 10 steps can pave the way for a long term healthy lifestyle.