Haven’t jumped rope since you were a kid? It’s time to add it to your workout routine! Jumping rope strengthens the upper and lower body and burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. You don’t even have to stick to the basic two-foot jump! To make it interesting, you can switch up your jump rope routine whenever the mood strikes. Here are some jumping variations that work a variety of muscle groups.




1. Basic Single Jumps

This is the most basic way to jump rope. Jump over your rope with both feet at a time. If you’re doing interval training, speed up and slow down your jumping pace over a period of time. Otherwise, you can choose one steady pace.

2. Basic Backward Jumps

Backward jumps are just like basic single jumps, only your rope swings backward around your body before each jump.


3. Side to Side

Change it up and work different muscle groups by jumping side to side. Try it with both feet and then one at a time.


4. Front to Back

Move your feet forward and backward, jumping with both feet at once. You’ll work a variety of muscle groups this way.


5. Sprint Jumping

Jog rapidly in place while jumping over the rope, with one foot at a time. If doing interval training, alternate slow jumps with sprint jumping. You can also jog while jumping in a forward motion, and then jog backwards to your original position.





6. Butt Kick Jumps

Jog in place while jumping, and touch each foot to your butt during jumps.


7. High-Knees Jumping

Jog in place while jumping, and lift your knees as high as you can!


8. Side Straddle Jumps

Alternate jumping with your feet and legs next to each other, with your legs spread apart in a straddle position like jumping jacks.


9. Scissor Jumps

Place one leg in front of your body and one leg behind your body. When you jump, move the leg that was in front of your body behind your body and then switch, in a scissor-like motion.


10. Jump On One Foot

Try single leg jumps- first on your right leg and then on your left.


11. Circle Jumps

Slowly jump from one spot to another spot on the floor to move your whole body around in a circular motion.


12. Double Jumps

Swing the rope around your body twice before each jump. Your jumping speed may remain the same, but your arms have to move twice as fast!

In addition to its obvious benefit of increased cardiovascular fitness, jumping rope causes you to be aware of what your body is doing.

These jumping variations are great for improving the agility you need as an athlete in a number of sports. So if you’re looking for a little pizzazz to add to your cardio routine, grab a jump rope and try these fun jump rope exercises!