If you’ve made the decision to start working out but you find gyms super-intimidating, you need some inspiration to help you conquer your fear! Here are 17 tips from that will help you jump into going to the gym with confidence.

1. Create a plan of attack.

You’re more likely to meet your goals when you have them specifically written out. Write down a few goals: lose body fat, run faster, gain more upper body strength, whatever you want to do. Now you’ll be able to find out exactly what you need to do in order to get there.


2. Find specific workouts that will help you achieve your goals.

Go online, search “workouts for (insert goal here)”. That way you’ll start to have a specific training plan to help you meet your goals and you’ll feel more confident than just aimlessly coming up with a routine on the spot.



3. Make sure the gym you choose is somewhere you want to be.

You’ve gotta feel comfortable at your gym! Are the people friendly? Are the staff willing to help? Is it clean? Does the atmosphere feel inspiring? Find the right gym for you that fits all your needs.


4. Consider a boutique gym.

Boutique gyms have smaller environments and tend to be less intimidating – and more friendly! They usually specialize in a certain thing and the instructor greets you and helps you through your class.


5. Ask for a walkthrough of the space and equipment.

Ask a staff member to give you a rundown of the gym and show you around the equipment. They will be happy to do so!


6. Pay attention to the brand of equipment so you can look up tutorials on how to use it later.

Equipment can be overwhelming. If you know the brand you can find helpful videos online about how to use it.


7. Use a guest pass with a friend so they can show you around.

Your friend will encourage you to join! It’s always awesome to have a workout buddy. Even if you’re both newbies, you’re in it together!



8. Take advantage of free personal training sessions early on.

Almost all gyms offer at least one free personal training session when you join. Use this opportunity to learn new exercises and what muscles they work, then incorporate them into your routines on your own later.


9. Start out by hitting the gym during off peak hours.

To avoid the crowds and a less intimidating environment, ask the staff what their peak hours are. It’s usually more crowded in the morning, around noon, and between 5-7pm.


10. Take some time to peek in and see what a class is like.

You’ll get a sense of the instructor, the pace of the class and what to expect. The great thing about classes is that everyone is doing the same thing, which takes away some of the intimidation factor.


11. Find something exciting to train for so you’re inspired to go the gym!

A fun 5k? A bike race? Training for something fun will give you something to work towards and show the progress you’re making.


12. Always ask for help when you need it.

It’s better to ask for help and do things right than to do things wrong and get injured. Feel free to ask the staff questions, let them know you’re new and are trying to get accustomed to the gym.


13. Consider doing workouts that let you conquer one part of the gym at a time.

Start with whatever you feel comfortable with first. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, more on and take on another part of the gym. This also helps you avoid getting stuck in a workout rut where you do the same thing over and over!


14. Use headphones to block out the world.

Make a bangin’ playlist that inspires you! It will help drown out the noise around you and distract you from wondering what everyone else is doing so you can focus on your own workout.


15. Find fitness tips and chat about being a fitness newbie in online groups!

Go on Reddit, Quora, or Meetup.com to find other people who are also beginners – and also experienced people you can learn from.


16. Look good so you feel good!

Looking good will give you more confidence and take away some of the anxiety. Motivate yourself by wearing a new outfit!


17. Compete with yourself and only yourself.

Stay concentrated on your own workout and your own progress. Don’t get caught up in how much the person next to you is lifting or how fast they are running. Focus on your own journey!


Everyone has to start somewhere. Nobody woke up automatically being able to work out like a champion. So get motivated with these tips and get started today. A good place to start is right here with us, with a free consultation.  Come ‘on, take one step closer to achieving your goals!