There’s no denying that exercise is hard work. It’s time consuming. Your body aches. Sometimes you trick yourself into thinking you’d rather be at home watching your favorite show on TV.

But there are good reasons people go to the gym and love it. They can’t seem to operate without their gym time, and couldn’t imagine life without exercise. So what motivates them? Here are some of their reasons why esl personal statement editing websites for college homework help about italy european union law dissertation topics male low testosterone clomid a confederacy of dunces essay questions generic propecia will lower the price source url follow link enter site here essay on civil disobedience pdf a cover sheet tadalafil 20mg manipulado preГ§o anxiety disorder essay social natural synthroid substitute good personal statement openings architecture thesis framework a christmas carol critical essay generic propecia no prescription source get link source site rubrics academic essays YOU should start working out today:

1. Work out to make yourself happy!

You’ll feel awesome after you exercise. Every time. So many studies have confirmed the direct relationship between exercise and hormones that make you feel good and combat depression. One study even suggests that high intensity exercise modulates the brain in a similar way to cocaine use.


2. Work out to make your life more manageable.

Does your job require you to lift endless heavy boxes?

Does your best friend need your help moving their stuff into a new apartment?

Do you really want to finish that landscaping project but the big wheelbarrow full of dirt in your backyard is intimidating you?

Working out increases your capabilities and makes it easier to say “no problem” to any of these tasks. Train a little harder each day and make your life increasingly more manageable.


3. Work out to give yourself a sense of accomplishment.

Setting and achieving goals while exercising helps you set and achieve goals in your everyday life. The victories may start out small, but the accomplishment of goals begins to define our life.


For example, if you want to do a pull up, start out with seated and inverted rows, then lat-pull downs, then assisted pull ups. Eventually, you’ll be able to do a pull up. When hard work is constantly reinforced with a positive outcome, you’ll think of yourself as a winner- at exercise and everything else!

Crossfit toes to bar woman pull-ups 2 bars workout exercise at gym

4. Work out because your body was made to move.

Exercise is a blessing. If you have a healthy body and are able to exercise, you are fortunate. Legs were made to carry you anywhere you want. Arms were made to lift lots of heavy stuff. There are more than 600 muscles in the human body and 206 bones. Your body was designed to move as much as possible to keep it agile, flexible, and strong.

You should be grateful for what you have, and use it to do what it was designed to do. Imagine you had a car sitting in the garage for months. When you finally got around to driving it, many parts would likely break down. Your body is the same way! Use it to the best of its ability so it will stay strong.

5. Work out for your family and friends, if not for you.

If by now you’re not convinced that you should work out for your own health and benefits, at least do it for your family and friends. The people closest to you rely on your love, energy, and compassion. They deserve your best, and the best version of you is the one that exercises…and in doing so takes care of their wellbeing. If you take care of yourself first, it will improve your relationship with others.


6. Work out to improve your sex life!

Exercise makes you feel great, look great, and build more confidence in yourself. Keeping your muscles active also helps you produce more hormones essential in maintaining sexual functioning. Your relationship health will also benefit- exercise helps you gain emotional resilience.

So, slowly step away from the device on which you’re reading this, and TWELVE JUMPING JACKS RIGHT NOW!!!