Not all exercise routines are created equal!  This is especially true from a perspective of age, which often inspires us to focus on one routine over another…the most ripped abs, the strongest legs, the greatest flexibility, the best balance.  Mentally, we are listening to our bodies and adjusting our fitness routine to what makes us happiest and healthiest. Sure, aging bodies can impose some limitations on our options.  But no worries, with age also comes the invigorating beauty of adopting different exercise techniques. Agile mind, agile body!

Like a blossoming flower, exercise only gets more fun and more dynamic with age!  Scroll down and travel through time with these decade-specific exercise suggestions! 



Running and Yoga


This is your body’s prime!  Get out and buy some new kicks and hit the ground running.  The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless.  Running in your 20s is a perfect way to build a solid repertoire, one where the health benefits can carry over to the coming decades.  Start running, NOW!  Hungry for more, take on Yoga.  Yoga is the perfect balance of strengthening your physique while also feeding your mind, fending off all the sleeplessness and stress-related ailments of your 20s.  


 DECADE: 30s

Intervals and Heavy Weights<media-Network-Images-HIIT-opener

Still in your prime!  You’re body is aching for a challenge, so feed it!  Get creative and imaginative.  By adding circuit training to your workout routine, you’ll avoid complacency and boredom.  Set new heights for yourself and incorporate new techniques, routines, and intervals to get your body in the best shape entering your 40s! The best thing about circuit training is that even after you finish your workout, your body continues to burn calories!  Looking to bulk up or build a little muscle?  Indulge in some heavy lifting.  Building muscle through heavy lifting will help you gain what’s been lost.  Exert yourself and aim for a weight that you can rep 8-12 times, and nothing more.



More is…More!


Yup, still in your prime!  They say 40 is the new 30.  Well, you better believe it.  This decade is all about keeping your body in tip-top shape, maintaining all that hard work from the previous two decades.  You’ve worked hard; don’t let it go to waste!  Working out in your 40s will help protect your telomeres, the stretches of DNA on the ends of our chromosomes that get shorter with age and leave cells vulnerable to damage.  So, focus on moderate cardio like a brisk walk in the park or light jog, weight training (listen to your body), or mix it up by taking on a spinning or dance class! 


Weight-Bearing and Leg Exercises


You are TOTALLY in your prime!  We’re talking a half-century of excellence as a human being!  Truly be proud of over 30 years’ commitment to exercise and fitness.  Maintaining that beautiful physique is your mission!  Your 50s should be about maintaining bone density through weight bearing exercises such as tennis, dancing,  and/or hiking.  Pace yourself, and aim for 30-40 minutes of weight-bearing activity daily or every other day.  Further, focus on your leg muscles.  These muscles are vital to everyday living and functionality.  So, hit the park for some skipping, dancing, or light running.  (Running seems to be a common theme here!).  Three times a week for 35 minutes should do the trick.  



DECADE: 60s and Beyond

Regular Strength Training and Light Activity


Now you’re really in your prime!  Make this decade about rhythm, maintenance and consistency over wildly intense tire lifting and strenuous exercises.  As always, the more time on your feet, the better. Continue investing in yourself – approach life with a big smile and know that everything you do for your fitness and wellbeing helps ensure your loved ones will enjoy the pleasure of your company in the decades to come.  Exercising maintains your physical health and helps keep your mind agile, too.  Aim to do light strength training twice a week and light activity, such as walking or gardening every day.  You go, girl!



Coach Janis and the Precision Fitness and Wellbeing Team