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Looking for some insight from accomplished competitors?  Scroll down and read stories from 2015 PFiTBC winners on how they felt during their journey towards personal transformation and how it helped them win on stage!  Use their insights to help YOU get that trophy in your arms! In a nutshell, HARD WORK PAYS OFF! The Precision Divas & Dudes

Pose Like a Champ – Perfect Your Best Competition Poses!

You’ve met your fitness competition goals and now it's time to show off the muscles you've worked so hard to build! Start practicing your poses early on.  Do this at minimum on a weekly basis.  Your goal is to feel good in your heels and feel confident you can pose without a mirror. Here’s how to perfect the

Get Ready For Competition Season! Here Are Some Great Tips For Your First Year as a Competitor.

With the first annual Precision Fit Body Championship open for sign-ups and coming this September 12th, we want to give you the best tips on how to prepare for a competition! If you’re a new competitor, your first year can be challenging and exciting at the same time. First, you need to determine your skills

For Our Diva Dudes: How To Take A Great Fitness Photo!

Hey, Dudes! Want your fitness photos to turn heads? Want your six-pack abs and toned biceps to stand out? Photographer Beth Bischoff—who’s worked on many fitness shoots for leading health magazines—shares her wisdom about what it takes to snap attention-grabbing photos. 1. Use the right equipment. Digital cameras are your best choice overall. But if


We’d like to share these photos of Coach Janis Garrido and the Precision Divas at this year’s WellFest. The event was held in Delray Beach, Florida on weekend of March 8-9. As you can see, much fun was had by all! [one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last] WellFest’s mission is to educate, inform, motivate, and inspire people

Happy Valentine’s Day…

[space height="15"] ...to each and every one of you! We wish you love and joy always.  Happy Valentine's Day! Since it’s a holiday, we thought you’d might enjoy something a little different on our blog today. So, here’s a look at The Perfect Body! Now, you KNOW that Precision Fit believes the perfect body is