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Exercising is great for all aspects of your life. You feel better, you sleep better, you look better. So of course you want to make the most of your workouts!   CHECK OUT THESE FULL BODY WORKOUTS THAT WILL GET YOUR HEART PUMPING! Let's get the intensity level up!   1) TURKISH GET-UPS To complete a Turkish Get-Up,

How To Work The Crowd!

The moment to get on stage is finally here! All the hard work you've put into a bodybuilding program will finally pay off!  The sheer thrill you'll receive of showing off the spoils of your hard work will give you a feeling of satisfaction like no other!  Here are some on stage tips to get

PFiTBC Has Show Tickets & Sponsor Deals for You!

Can you believe it?!?  Just two blazing-fast weeks until you rock the stage in the  2016PFiTBC PRO-AM!   Before we talk about YOU, though, this newsflash for Family and Friends: Now is the time for FRIENDS AND FAMILY to get tickets to the show.  Do it like a boss and don't stand in line on Show night. And...if you

Winner of the #pfitsuccess Instagram Competition…Carla Erskine!

Precision Fitness & Wellbeing is excited to announce our Spotlight Blog Post on Carla Erskine ...the Winner of the #pfitsuccess Instagram Competition! In her professional life, she is an Associate Attorney at Ciklin Lubitz & O'Connell based in West Palm Beach, working in their Land Use and Real Estate Practice Groups. Outside of the office,

Coach Janis

Thinking About Competing in Your First Bodybuilding Competition? Check Out IFBB and NPC Coach Janis Garrido’s Path to Competing – and Winning! The path to competing in your first bodybuilding competition is a grueling, but rewarding, journey. Just like everyone training to compete for the first time, even the best professionals had to start somewhere. Coach

Don’t Miss The Motivation Blast!

The Motivation Blast is a pre-event gathering for the 2016 PFiTBC Pro-Am. IT'S JUNE 20TH!   That's a Monday! 5-7PM! Hey, this is guaranteed the most fun 2 hours you can spend on a Monday evening!   TONS OF RAFFLES! A FREE GET FIT KIT FOR EVERY ATTENDEE! A FREE **DELUXE** GET FIT KIT FOR


Time to shape up that hot bod of yours and win some prizes!  Celebrate Brave, Bold, Beautiful YOU! Get that smokin' physique the recognition it deserves!  Yes, we're talking about this year's PRECISION FIT BODY CHAMPIONSHIP...the PFiTBC 2016 PRO-AM!  Early sign-ups (this means NOW) are GUARANTEED big discounts, UNLIMITED CROSSOVERS and... An Invite to our Exclusive Pre-Event MOTIVATION BLAST,