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corporate-wellness-program-ileanaWhat’s the secret to a company with happy, healthy employees?

Experts say that encouraging fitness and wellness in the workplace promotes a healthy lifestyle among employees, helps prevent illness, and saves on company healthcare costs in the long run.

Other reasons companies benefit from corporate fitness programs are increased productivity, improved employee morale, and attractive benefits in recruitment and retention of employees.

Corporate fitness programs are often designed to be easily accessible to employees, helping them develop healthier habits.

In a case study of one California company from 2008 to 2012, regular physical activity increased by 32 percent, rates of high blood pressure decreased by 66 percent, and smoking rates dropped by 48 percent as a result of their fitness programs.


Here are some examples of ways companies can encourage fitness and wellness in the workplace:

• Onsite gyms
• Yoga, dance, aerobic, and martial arts classes
• Onsite fitness trainers and class instructors
• Paid off-site gym memberships
• Office team sports teams
• Encouragement of staff to use stairs instead of elevators, and to use bikes for transportation to work
• Replace vending machine food and drink choices with healthier ones
• Offer educational classes on wellness and nutrition
• Onsite health clinics including chiropractic and massage[/one_half]

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[one_half]Companies are also offering some very creative approaches to promoting wellness in the workplace. For example, employees at one outdoor apparel manufacturer company work on flex-time so they can go biking or surfing in the middle of the day.

The headquarters of the world’s leading tech companies can seem more like playgrounds than classic office spaces. These companies realize the importance of having an atmosphere conducive to creativity, brainstorming and productivity. Some have exercise balls in hallways, bikes and climbing walls on company grounds, and lunchtime kickball and basketball games.[/one_half]


boardroom-yoga1-1As an employee, why should you take advantage of a workplace wellness program if your company offers one?

Many people have health risks to varying degrees: unhealthy eating, lack of exercise or sleep, drinking, smoking, or genetic health risks. Participating in a program can result in positive changes to your lifestyle. Sometimes you need a little motivation, and a workplace fitness or wellness program might do the trick!

So, encourage your company to start a program if they don’t have one already and remind them that it is a win-win situation for them and their employees. If your company has a fitness and wellbeing program, take advantage of it today!

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