I started my training with Coach Janis back in December 2013 and you all got to follow along a little bit and read about my fitness journey and transformation into a bikini competitor… Well, a few things have changed since:

Long story short, I competed in the NPC Bikini division but I felt that my true passion was for a “more muscular and developed” physique, so my coach Janis Garrido and I came to the conclusion that Figure was the “thing” for me!

I’ve never been so thrilled and happy to take on such challenge in my life! Bikini training wasn’t easy by any means, but it was mostly focused on the diet. Figure, on the other hand, threw a heck of a curve ball into my whole ideology of “training,” took me for a spin, and then another one… AND I LOVE IT!

Here’s a photograph of me in my last NPC Bikini Competition March 15th, 2014.


[one_half]NPC Bikini Competition 3[/one_half][one_half_last]IhonaG_Competition_March2014[/one_half_last]

Not bad right?… Well since the week after that competition I’ve been grinding at the gym and I’ve been practically living in the weight room. My training routine and diet have changed dramatically, but I have doubled in strength and my body has made a dramatic evolution into something that I am proud of. Now I am officially 10 weeks out from my figure debut and it’s time to clean and trim things up a bit. I’ll be working to achieve 4-5% body fat, as much symmetry as possible, and defined muscle separation. I have already started my cutting diet and so far I’ve been adjusting to it easier than when I did bikini. I believe this ease has come from a few tips and tricks I’ve learned  since my last show, and which have inspired me to write this blog to help others in their fitness journey and hopefully serve as inspiration. Here are a couple current pictures to show some of my gains and progress:

[one_half]IhonaG_atthegym[/one_half][one_half_last]Progress 2[/one_half_last]

Big difference right?? Well it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been at the gym twice a day for anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, 6 days a week twice a day (morning weight training, night cardio) while keeping a consistent, clean diet with just enough carbs to fuel my growth. All while working a (very demanding) full time job and attempting to maintain somewhat of a semi-social life. Some may think this is a bit “much,” but to me its incredibly fun and rewarding. I never have a dull moment in my life. I’m always busy and entertained in one way or another. If I’m not training or at work, I am meal prepping or planning my day and jotting down goals!

Recipe Of the Day:

“Ihona’s Asian Style Quinoa and Chicken!”


8 oz. grilled cubed Chicken Breast

1/2 Cup cooked Quinoa

1/8 Cup water

1 Tsp Coconut Oil

1/4 Red Onion, chopped

1 Tsp grated fresh Ginger

2 Tbsp Green Onion Chopped

2 oz. Sliced Mushrooms

1 Cup Baby Spinach

1 large Garlic Clove finely chopped

2 oz. Chopped Pepper Trio (red,green,yellow)

2 Tsp. Braggs Liquid Aminos Replacement Soy sauce

1 Tbsp Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning

1 Tbsp toasted Sesame Seeds


In a Large skillet at MEDIUM heat combine onions, mushrooms, green onions, pepper trio, and coconut oil and let the ingredients caramelize stirring them often and not allowing to burn. Add Garlic and Ginger last for they burn the fastest.  

Next, Add water, quinoa, Mrs.dash, Liquid Aminos, Spinach, and Chicken.

Allow water to absorb and spinach leaves to wilt and your dish is done!

Garnish with toasted Sesame Seeds and Chopped Green Onions!

Makes 2-3 Servings.

Make sure you keep checking back to my blog – I will be posting some of my favorite workouts in the form of videos, progress pictures, healthy recipes, and tips and tricks to make dieting and meal prepping easy and enjoyable! With this blog, I hope to help facilitate my followers’ fitness journeys to maximize their success!

Have a beautiful and healthy day!

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