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Have you been skipping out on cardio because you find it boring? You don’t have to dread running mindlessly on a treadmill.

Why not switch up your cardio routine once in awhile?

Here are some ways you can make cardio fun and still get an effective workout.





Rowing requires the use of many major muscle groups and is also an effective way to raise your heart rate and increase the uptake of oxygen. Rowing conditions both the upper and lower body, so try out the rowing machine at your gym to change up your cardio routine!

Woman using rowing machine in gym.CRBF4N



Swimming can give your body a break from the high impact some exercises have on the skeletal system. Pick a stroke and have a goal of intervals or time. If you’re already used to swimming, you can vary your strokes every few laps.

Lap Swimmer


Kettlebell Workouts

This is another great total body workout. There are endless exercise variations with kettlebells. A great one to start with is the 2 handed swing. Put together exercises in circuits and use 1 minute rest intervals in between.


You can also find creative ways to fit cardio into your daily routine that don’t involve going to the gym. 


Doing Chores

They have to get done anyway- so why not put on some music and make them into a workout? Vacuuming can burn around 75 calories per half hour and washing the car burns more than double that.

Couple Washing Car



Dance the Night Away

Dancing to upbeat music for just 30 minutes can burn up to 180 to 266 calories. So don’t be afraid to shake your booty!

Salsa dancing


Make An Active Date

Date night? Skip the movies. Instead, play a game of tennis, challenge them to a one on one game of basketball, or go for a bike ride in the park.

Couple biking

Next time you dread getting on the treadmill at the gym, remember you can switch it up with these options! Varying your cardio slightly can help you stay motivated to stick with your fitness goals!