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The path to competing in your first bodybuilding competition is a grueling, but rewarding, journey. Just like everyone training to compete for the first time, even the best professionals had to start somewhere.

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  • First Place Heavy Weight in the 2008 NPC Southern States Body Building Championship

  • Overall Women Over Forty Division at the 2008 NPC Southern States Body Building Championship

  • First Overall at the at the 2009 Sunshine Classic Women’s Bodybuilding Competition

  • First Place Heavy Weight division at the 2009 Sunshine Classic Women’s Bodybuilding Competition

  • Second Place in the 2010 All South Competition

With so many impressive accolades, we thought a glimpse into her personal path to success in the competitive world of bodybuilding would be helpful to the competitors of the 2016 Precision Fit Body Championship.

In 2006, Janis Garrido decided to quit her corporate job in New York City and pursue her dreams of committing her life to her long time passion: physical fitness. She started Precision Fitness & Wellbeing and sought to meet people in Palm Beach County with similar fitness goals. She began recruiting clients and noticed a large following in the bodybuilding industry in South Florida. While Janis was in amazing physical shape, she hadn’t considered competing in until a friend recommended she begin training to compete to get further involved in this unique industry.

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In 2007 Janis began training for her first competition, the 2008 NPC Southern States Body Building Championship. She worked out a nutritious diet fit for bodybuilding competition training, worked out several days a week, and began working on her posing. While Janis knew how to train hard and eat well, what she could not do for herself was objectively assess her physique and posture. Knowing that she needed this viewpoint, she began looking for a pro who could help her.

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Janis learned about Bill Neylon, who has over 20 championship titles under his belt and experience coaching – and judging – competitors for bodybuilding competitions. After meeting him for the first time, she knew he was the one who would help her to achieve her goals. Janis began training with Bill at Fitness Edge in West Palm Beach. It didn’t take long for Bill to help Janis perfect her posing technique and build important muscle mass that would lead to her victories the following year.


In reminiscing about getting ready for her first competition with Bill, Janis said: “having a coach really helps you to stay on track. The hardest part of getting competition ready is the diet; it requires an immense level of discipline.” Janis tells competitors that one meal off your diet won’t completely destroy all of your hard work, but constant sidetracking and cheating shows very quickly. As a coach, Janis is able to tell as soon as someone has cheated. “I can see it in his or her physique almost immediately,” said Janis.


After taking home two first place awards at her first competition, Janis went on to have a successful career while turning her attention to helping others achieve their dreams of having success at a show. Janis helps competitors to push themselves to a healthy level. She advises them to know their physique above anything else. “If you put on mass muscle, go for that in a show. You have to know your body and understand which areas you are best fit to compete in,” said Coach Janis.


She works with competitors to get ready for a competition in every aspect from diet and nutrition, to personal training, posing clinics and more. Janis helps competitors get in top shape before stepping out on stage; something she says makes a big difference for first time competitors. “If this is your first competition, consider hiring a professional coach. Coaches don’t only help you to stay on track, they are also there to bolster you up when training is the toughest.”

Having spent 10 years training, competing and coaching, Janis knows better than most the difficulty of getting ready to compete in the bodybuilding world. “There is no one size fits all approach for getting competition ready. Every body is different. Each one of our competitors is different and requires a unique, individualized program. It’s important to know that what works for someone you know may not work for you,” said Coach Janis.


Apart from the diet, Coach Janis says that one of the most difficult things for competitors to understand is the judging. She advises competitors to try not to take criticism badly and instead, use it as fuel to push harder for the next one. “It is difficult to know how judges will determine winners of a show. The judges themselves don’t know exactly how things will pan out until they and see the lineup of competitors. Ultimately, it boils down to who else is on stage with you at that particular competition.”

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The last piece of advice Coach Janis has for competitors is possibly the most important. “It’s important to know yourself and not waver from that. Don’t let someone else’s opinion of a perfect physique sway you. Even judges,” Janis said.

“The bodybuilding journey is not just about the training and bodybuilding portion, it also has a lot to do with self-mastering, discipline and understanding yourself.”

The 2017 Precision Fit Body Challenge will take place on Saturday, September 10th. There will be seven judges in total. For more information, and to register to compete, go to

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