Psychological fitness or the ability to control and channel your thoughts positively is not an in-born ability. It is a skill, a frame of mind that requires discipline, dedication and consistency.

Having the power to hone your mindset in a way that it filters the negative and projects positive thoughts only, is indeed a gift, a weapon so to speak that makes you see far beyond your boundaries. It is this “mental muscle” that enables us to discover and develop the best in ourselves. Below we will discuss some tips for controlling your thoughts.

Any kind of mission or objective that aims to better oneself starts with the mind. Let’s discuss the mind/muscle connection and how this can have a very positive and liberating effect not just on your workouts but life in general.

Whenever faced with dire challenges where the odds are stacked against you, essentially the battle to acquire success begins with change. If you can harness the ability to adapt in a situation where change is of the essence, I believe you have the ability to turn negative circumstances completely around and capitalize on the positives. The change becomes you. You accept it, you embrace it. Then the learning process begins where you identify weaknesses and learn ways of transforming them into strengths.

The “psychological warrior” understands and acknowledges all this. True strength comes from years of patience and perseverance, the ability to adapt to change and make the best of any situation where you feel at odds. “Psychological fitness” can be further strengthened in a number of ways:

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  • Learn to use your spatial intelligence; be fully aware of who you are and the environment you’re in, often referred to as “situational awareness” in the military
  • Zero in on your beliefs and attitudes; filter the negative, channel the positive only
  • Develop mechanisms and methods to cope with stress
  • Establish a set pattern on which fruit-bearing decisions can be made[/list]

These are just some examples of how one can begin to acquire “mental toughness”. Strengthening the mind, controlling your thoughts and the ability to channel them can carry you through some tough battles that aren’t just limited to your personal life. Let’s be honest here: peace, joy and happiness in life aren’t things that come with a personal guarantee. Circumstances change and sometimes they change drastically. What you can do is to equip yourself with the right tools to combat these circumstances and make something positive of it.

Let’s look at another example: fighting food cravings. It is completely natural to reach for comfort food or high calorie food in a bid to relieve stress and anxiety. However, I want you to think for a moment, the effect this has on all the hard work you’ve put in at the gym. Or all the hard-earned cash you’ve saved.