This article is mainly for people who have never touched a bike in their lives, and are thinking of starting to learn to ride one for the very first time, whether to lose fat, get a good workout or just for the sake of it. Also, if you have ridden a bicycle long ago and want to begin again right from the start, this time as a regular cyclist, then read on.

Choosing the right ride

For cycling for beginners, the most important thing you need is, well, a bike. But if you thought you would just buy one from a nearby store and pedal away, you need to plan a little further. Choosing the right kind of bike that suits your needs will not only contribute to an injury-free, low intensity workout, it will ensure that you continue deriving pleasure from this activity in the long run.

First think what kind of terrain you will want to ride on, as befits your requirements. If you want to just lose weight, then opt for a road bike with a lightweight frame, hunched handlebars and slender tires. If you want to really sweat it out uphill or over rocky terrain to gain endurance, choose a mountain bike with broader tires and knobby treads that will get you enough traction to climb uphill. The thicker frame will impart stability while you weave your way through rocky terrain.

If you want to experiment with both kinds of environments, then buy a hybrid bike. Do buy your bike from a certified cycle dealer, who will use their expertise to help you choose the best ride for you.

Slow and steady

It is understandable if you get a few bumps and bruises in the first few days, but don’t let injuries waylay you on the way to becoming a biking regular. Aim to gradually increase your control on the bike. Pedal fast enough to work up a comfortable speed but slow enough to maintain your control. Aim to cycle straight on an empty alleyway, then progress to a lane, and finally to city streets. Don’t be cocky with traffic; one slip can land you in serious trouble.

Try to always use a dedicated cycling track if there is one at the edge of the road. The same goes for rough terrain, first on the road, then a dirt track, then onto stony terrain. It will help if you are as light as possible before attempting an off-road gig, it can get quite strenuous.

If you plan it out carefully, you will gain not only physical but mental health benefits as well, all the while enjoying a calming but steady low intensity workout. If you are looking for the right guidance to take up bicycling to improve fitness, contact Precision Fitness and Wellbeing. Led by fitness and nutrition coach Janis Garrido, a champion body builder with experience of more than 2 decades, the team at Precision Fitness and Wellbeing offers various fitness and nutrition programs, customized to meet the varying needs of individuals and corporations. Contact them today at 561-370-8198 or by filling in a simple form at to learn more.