We’d like to share these photos of Coach Janis Garrido and the Precision Divas at this year’s WellFest. The event was held in Delray Beach, Florida on weekend of March 8-9. As you can see, much fun was had by all!

[one_half]Coach Janis Garrido and the Precision Divas at WellFest

[one_half_last]Precision Divas Precision Divas
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WellFest’s mission is to educate, inform, motivate, and inspire people to:

• Stay Fit
• Eat Well
• Think Positive
• Reduce Stress
• Take Care of Yourself and Others
• Think Green

The event included more than 90 exhibitors, a range of professionals and expert speakers on wellness, fitness demonstrations of all types, a fitness / style / beauty fashion show, and the NPC Bodybuilding Expo.

The Precision Divas brought their own special grace and talent to a wonderfully sunny and beautiful day. The results of the Divas’ determination to be healthy and fit – just look at these women! – drew many fairgoers to share with us their own journeys towards fitness. We hope the Precision Divas inspired them to be more determined than ever in achieving their goals!