You are what you eat, and eating clean and right is the key to staying healthy. It is impossible for you to meet your health goals if the food intake is unhealthy. The reason being that healthy food affects the body, the mind and the functioning of an individual. Whatever you eat is reflected back in one way or another through your health. Even though you might go for a run every day, it will get you nowhere if you don’t eat right.

Clean eating can be done in many ways. All you need to do is make the correct choices in terms of the food you wish to eat. Following the tips and food suggestions ahead can be a great source of clean eating for the new you:

Eating Small Meals

Spread your meals over several different times of the day. Remember that eating food and filling up the stomach in one go is unhealthy. You feel bloated and also end up over eating. The idea of spacing the meals might sound hard, but it is actually very easy and manageable. Prepare your regular dinner and lunch and divide it into two parts, this means you have four meals a day. Next you can snack on something healthy twice a day. The snacks can include a handful of dry fruits or a cup or two of warm milk.

Picking the Right Food

Picking the right food is a tough task because the labels are often misleading. The bottle that says it contains a diet soft drink might actually be really harmful for your blood sugar levels. Do not rely on what the labels have to say, the ingredient list will often contain the items that you want to avoid. Therefore, give the list of ingredients a quick glance before you make a purchase.

Eating Vegetables

Majority of us realize the importance of the inclusion of vegetables in the diet but only a handful of us put this understanding to use. It is believed that almost every day or on every alternative day the meal table should be decorated with a vegetable dish. It not only improves your health but also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. Additionally, avoid processed or packaged food items. You can never be sure of what the food item really contains.

The Water Intake Cliché

It is on our finger tips, to consume at least eight glasses of water a day. However, once again, we pay little heed to these techniques. Water helps in purifying the body of many toxic materials and also helps keep you hydrated. About 8 glasses of water a day can also save you from many internal infections.

Eating healthy and clean requires a great deal of commitment. It does not do miracles over night but is a source of great health for a lifetime. Back your new self up with new eating habits!