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A healthy individual should have body weight well in alignment with their height and body mass in order to live a fit and active life. Failure to exercise a balance between the safe and required amount of body weight of an individual results in obesity, which in turn gives rise to a number of various problems.

Obese children and adults run a high risk of suffering from coronary diseases and high blood pressure as a result of the excessive amounts of fat and blood cholesterol within the body. The excess weight is harmful for the health of a person and tends to limit them from engaging in various sports and other fun activities easily.

Different healthy and safe methods can easily be adopted to ensure a well maintained body weight of a person with respect to their age and height.

Breakfast Series - Oatmeal with raisins

Don’t Miss Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is not a way to lose weight. In fact, it results in excessive eating on your part later in the day, which adds to the existing weight.

By opting for a healthy and nutritious breakfast and giving yourself a good start in the day, you can spend an energetic time actively performing your required duties and resisting the urge to consume unhealthy food.

Opt For A Nutritious And Well Balanced Diet

A nutritious diet which contains all the food components necessary for a healthy lifestyle is essential for your well-being. Crash diets are neither an effective nor a safe way to lose excess weight. By opting for green vegetables, fruits, and a diet rich in fiber and protein, you can be sure of providing your body with its essential needs in appropriate proportions, without resorting to actual starvation by skipping meals to lose weight.

Woman_bellyBe Physically Active

A regular exercise routine is very important to shed those extra pounds effectively. An exercise routine well suited to your body’s needs is the perfect method to lose weight and maintain an active figure. You will be able to get through all your work duties and daily routine easily with a well maintained and energetic figure.


Adopt A Healthy Sleep Pattern

Many people tend to put on weight as a result of an improper sleeping pattern. Too few as well as too many hours of sleep can cause disruption in the daily routine of an individual. Enjoying 6 to 8 hours of proper sleep is essential for every individual, preparing them for an active day which reduces chances of gaining excess body weight.



Keep Hydrated

Adequate water consumption is an advisable way of losing weight and ensuring the proper functions of the body at the same time.

By keeping hydrated, you can be sure of optimal health while observing diets and exercise routines to lose weight.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Opt for healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, and yoghurt to relieve the hunger pangs, instead of settling for processed food items rich in saturated fats.


It is very important to use safe methods to lose weight for a healthy lifestyle.