Figure and bikini competitions are quickly gaining popularity among women. The fitness industry has opened up a lot of routes for women who want to compete on stage, and don’t mind looking more toned than the average woman, thanks largely to strict diet plans and bodybuilding-style training. However, figure and bikini competitions are not to be confused with women’s bodybuilding championships as the “figure girls” manage to retain that soft and feminine look even though they have great muscle tone.

What You Need to Get it Right

Deciding to take part in a figure and bikini competition requires a finely tuned diet and a complete overhaul of your mental attitude and approach. Will you be able to stick to the program till the very end, no matter what? What if it means giving up foods that you really love or waking up at around 3 am just to have a protein shake or hitting the gym at 6 in the morning for a little cardio? Consistency is the key to having a competitive edge and this is where your mind and body synergistically come together to accomplish the task at hand.

It Begins with the Neurons

Unless you get yourself in the right frame of mind, you’re not going to get very far, plain and simple. Think positively and know that only a positive approach will gear you up for competition. You are going to be posing and competing on a stage in front of hundreds of people, maybe thousands. Leave all doubt at the front door. As long as you have the right kind of attitude, you can overcome hurdles and obstacles you previously thought impossible.

Keep that Momentum Going

You may have come across a handful of prospective competitors crashing halfway through, mainly due to a lack of consistency when it comes to diet and training. If you’re going to find ways of looking for excuses to have another slice of pizza or delay another workout until the next day, then you might as well stop wasting your time. Consistency is something that’s needed in every aspect of training; exercise, nutrition, sleep, recovery, body fat level etc. Unless you have these parameters worked out and stick to the game plan all the way through, your chances of success will continue to remain thin.

Leave a Little in the Tank

In order to beat the competition, you don’t need to train hardcore all the time, but rather maintain a strict training schedule that’s realistic and coherent with your goals. The idea is not to burn yourself out, but identify weak points and strengths, then capitalize on those. Lifting weights and sweating it out during those intense cardio sessions will certainly help you strip off body fat. You will gradually have to up the ante with your training, and ease more challenges into your workout. Competition body fat levels are typically between 8% and 12%. The last few weeks before a competition are the most critical as you’ll really be “leaning out” while slowly curbing body fat.

Showcasing Your Assets

Judges look for posing sense and appeal. That is in fact, the first thing they look for as competitors step on stage. Each muscle group needs to be fully developed. Clear striations and muscle separation needs to be visible and finding the perfect posing suit that goes along with your physique and skin tone is just as important.