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Are your goals realistic, or are they goals that are unattainable for right now?
Taking stock, making realistic decisions about where you are in life and lining that up with your goals can sometimes be a very difficult thing to do.

It’s okay to step back sometimes and say, “You know what? I know this is a goal, but I can’t do this right now.” It doesn’t mean you are a failure, or that you have failed in your endeavor.

If you have worked really hard to lose a certain amount of weight by a specific time and something comes up: job responsibilities, family demands, health issues- it is okay to take a step back and regroup.

Take care of what’s most important. Prioritize.

I have friends who are really eager to get healthy and fit, but they have young children that they have to take to activities in addition to working all day. It is very difficult for you to have the energy to work out let alone find the time to do so with this kind of schedule.

It is easy for me to say speak with a fitness professional or just find some time. The bottom line is to get anything worthwhile, there has to be sacrifices.
So most probably for those of my friends that have this situation, early morning hours are best. Let’s face it, it’s the only time available where you have all your energy and everyone else is most likely asleep.
Would it likely cut into your sleep? Yes. But there is no magic ingredient. You have to put the work in.






I have friends that work really hard to get ready for a show and as time approaches, you are just not (for whatever the reason) able to do it at this time.

Don’t be discouraged. Regroup, refocus, and keep at it.

My point is simply: Don’t lose focus because you have to detour on your way to your goal. Life happens.



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Everything that goes in your mouth goes in your body. Why not make it good?
There are so many fads and cheats and so-called magic ingredients.
Sugar is sugar. Salt is salt. Fat is fat.

Learning how to eat “clean” has to be learned, and it is not just cutting back on sugar, salt and fat.
I will have some folks say to me: “I’ve cut back. I now only eat wraps instead of pasta or diet coke instead of regular coke.”

This speaks volumes about the lack of knowledge on nutrients and food in general.
In other words, eating less of a bad thing doesn’t equal nutritious, nor does switching up that bad thing with another within the same (bad) food group. [/one_half_last]



The answer is: I don’t know.
This in response to: How about this new fad or that new fad or this new diet, that if combined with this fad promises to bring results?

I have so many women say to me: Have you heard about this class or that class?
My golden rule: Work out and eat right.
All the new classes are great, but should be utilized as in addition to your core workouts, not instead of.

You can’t skim on working out through a new fad that seems easier to do than getting on a treadmill and expect to get miraculous results.
Cardio is Cardio. Nothing replaces it.
A good, clean diet is a good, clean diet. Nothing replaces that. [/one_half]


There you have it.

Fit-fully yours,


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