Wondering lately what’s keeping you from effectively balancing your career with life outside work? Do you really have time to have fun with friends and family, while giving attention to your hobbies and personal interests? Or does work engulf you completely, even on the weekends?

Healthy Lifestyle: Coming to Terms with Work-life Balance

How do you find that sweet spot that allows you to continue working productively, while minimizing fatigue, and having enough time (and energy) to yourself as well as time given to your friends and family? Stay glued and read on!

Signs of a Work/life Balance that’s aloof

Finding just the right ratio and hitting that sweet spot consistently, can prove to be a quite a task. Are you:[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Working long shifts as well as rotating ones?
  • Working past the evening hours?
  • Working even after signing off from the workplace?
  • Taking your laptop home with you, contemplating doing work for maybe “just a few minutes”?
  • Working on your laptop before bed?
  • Keeping your work cell phone on as you wind down and ready to call it a day?
  • Taking your work with you on vacation or on a family picnic?[/list]

If you’ve scored a positive on some or all of these, my friend, you’re most likely overworked, perhaps a bit burned out and definitely trying to juggle way too many things in one go. It’s time to reflect on the little things, the finer things so to speak, to get that sweet balance kicking in.

Take the Reins[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  •  Apart from work, what areas of my life need the most attention? Am I equally devoted to all these areas?
  • Do I have enough time to myself? Am I pursuing hobbies and interests that give me a sense of fulfillment?
  • Do I strive to spend quality time with the people I love, the people who really want me in their lives?
  • Am I taking good care of myself? Do I eat properly? Do I take out time to relax, exercise and keep fit?[/list]

Stick to the Basics[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Tap into your time management skills, and make changes where you deem appropriate.
  • Even with a regular work schedule, you may be trying to accomplish way too much in your downtime. What can you do to spare those busy hours at home? Chores can be effectively divided between household members.
  • You’re probably too exhausted after work to talk to people as the day comes to an end. Avoid reaching for that phone when it rings, and don’t pay heed to those texts coming in. Spend time with your close friends and relatives instead.[/list]

High Maintenance  [list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • You’ve got to take time out every day doing something you really love. This is especially important for your mental wellbeing.
  • Sometimes you just have to say no. Reserve time for leisure and relaxation.
  • Actively acknowledge when you’re stressed and work out methods of curbing it.
  • Having a good work-life balance gives you:
  • A sense of complete control over work and life
  • Enjoying a strong sense of accomplishment from work and life
  • Extracting more pleasure and enjoyment out of life each day[/list]