Did you know that studies and research say that outdoor workouts might just have more health benefits than sweating it out at the gym?

Besides getting fresh air to breathe, outdoor workouts reduce your stress levels, without you having to spend a single penny. An outdoor workout is probably the best anti-depressant as well. Most of us believe that workouts lead to fatigue, but what if workouts actually refreshed you?

Here are some of the fun outdoor workouts that are interesting as well as rejuvenating.

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An outdoor pool acts as much more than just a place to cool off. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to keep your body and mind fit. However, swimming lap after lap can get a bit monotonous. In such cases, try aerobic exercises in the pool. Try to jog in the water to get a totally new grade of resistance. Holding on to the side of the pool, kick you legs to give them the perfect workout. Want to have fun and workout at the same time? Try splashing and running around in the swimming pool with your kids.

Park Circuit

And you thought the park was just a place to relax? Well, actually a park is one of the best places for an entertaining workout. Create a circuit round the park with the features and equipment available with you. Try doing dips or push-ups by holding onto a park bench. Monkey bars can be used for hanging crunches and pull-ups. To be able to do hanging crunches, hang onto the monkey bars, bend your knees and lift them gently up to the abs. Get back to the starting position, through a slow and controlled movement. In addition, doing yoga and meditation in the park provides great relaxation for the mind and body.

Obstacle Course

Reach out to the child in you and exercise via an obstacle course. The features and size of the course totally depends on the location. You have the option of choosing your own equipment or using natural features for obstacles. For instance, if you have a series of trees in the vicinity, you can turn and twist back and forth making them a part of your obstacle course. You can also set up sawhorses and climb under or jump over them.

Outdoor Sports

Besides being a recreational activity, outdoor sports is a perfect means of an outdoor workout. Outdoor sports can be played individually or with a group of people. If you are a serious water athlete, you can participate in competitive sports like kayaking, surfing or diving. In case, you are a casual athlete, recreational sports such as soccer, volleyball or flag football could be the right choice for you.

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