Been in a funk lately?  


Looking for any motivation to keep you going?  Well, we’ve all been there!  


Our fitness and wellbeing goals will be tested time and time again…and that’s okay!  The “funk” times will test our perseverance and patience.  Ultimately, with the right mindset and self awareness, we can all achieve our fitness goals.  


It’s up to us to place one foot in front of the next and keep on moving forward, never looking back!  Here are some 10 tips for getting out of that fitness funk, or any funk for that matter!


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Walk directly to the shower, get in, and turn it on cold, and yes in that order.  Stay in that freezing water for at least 5 minutes. The cold shower will not only ignite your nervous system, but it will give you a boost of adrenaline.  It’ll also wake you as fast as humanly possible.



Grab a notebook.  Write down 3 things you’re thankful for.  Then, VISUALIZE those things.  It sounds silly, but don’t just write them down – close your eyes and envision the things you’re grateful for.



Write down 3 things you want to make happen today.  Make these things actionable, as in you’re going to do them NOW, reader.  Get your words out there and into the world. Work through, in part what the heck’s brought you into this funk and say what you’re thankful for and what you’re going to make happen.



You could do this first, but I just wanted to give you time to wake up (and warm up after your shower).  It’s the simple act of accomplishing a task, doing something, that gets us on to the process of doing other things.  Making your bed may seem pointless because you’re just going to mess it up once again, but this simple act can be transformative. This is about channeling your energy in a positive way. It starts a domino effect that ends with you getting past the reasons for your funk.



May we recommend gifting someone with tickets to the Precision Fitness & Wellbeing Body Championship? That’s the PFitBC!  It’s coming right up and if you give some VIP tix (now available), they totally will love you so much it will perk you up for sure. Seriously, kindness can heal your funk, and gratitude does, too. Kindness and good deeds are proven mood-lifters!  


Energy plays a huge role in our mood.  It’s tough to be in a bad mood if we’re full of energy, which is largely regulated by our diets, rest, and physical condition.  Eat something healthy.  Drink a BIG glass of lemon water.  Good food and water will help you have more energy, be more productive, and give you endurance.  Having this first thing in the morning feeds your muscles and your body that have been working all night, using water, without having it replaced.  Get a big glass and down it.


There is power in movement.  By moving and exercising you release powerful endorphins that can bring you out of even the greatest funk. They really do act like a drug. The runner’s high is a real thing. That feeling of being on top of the world when your muscles feels like they’re about to burst during a pump needs to be recreated when you’re feeling down, singing the blues, in a funk.

Go to the gym.  Get active.  Go play some kind of sport. Ideally get outside and go play some kind of sport. Just get moving. Movement is the kicker. The funk is incredibly difficult to remain in after a great workout. Um, and MUSIC!



O.K., get that list from Step 3…you know, the three things you’re gonna make happen.  Get to it, sisters and brothers! This is all about doing.  When you’re doing, you’re too busy to feel down. The cure for the blues is to get busy and get busy early.  When you’re busy you feel important. Guess what, you are important. And whatever mission you’re on, getting sh_t done is a necessity if you want to bring yourself out of this funk.


Using the artistic and intuitive parts of your brain can help you bring understanding to the parts of your life that you cannot logically comprehend.  Likewise, there are things that you cannot express through words,  so use your creative side to engage your senses.  Try learning a new skill, dance or hobby.

9. PLAY!


Playing or having fun may feel like the last thing you want to do.  But it can be so helpful.  Laughter is an incredible stress reliever, and going out and doing something frivolous or silly helps put life back into perspective. This is also a great way to bring your family into your life when you have been brooding.  Watch funny movies, look for good stand-up comics, play silly games with your kids. Do cartwheels if you know how – being upside down once in a while is good for you, too! Whatever it is that makes you smile, laugh, or forget about all the things that are on your mind– do more of that, and make it a priority.


Life can be confusing.  It’s hard to understand why some things happen…or don’t.  So give yourself time to daydream – to think about what your life will ideally look like down the road. Ideally.  No limitations.  This is yours.  You don’t have to share it with anyone, so be as audacious as you want, but be real. Make this what you really want.  I really want a house that I build, with a couple dogs, on a dozen acres of land with a horse in the stable.  That’s what I really want.  The details within this stuff makes it real, alive.

Dream. Create that place you’re going to. And then, dare mightily. Bring yourself out of your funk because life shouldn’t be lived in gloom, but in glory.

The funk times won’t last, but tough fitness go-ers do!  If your dream is to get on stage and wave a trophy high, get to it!

Coach Janis and the Precision Fitness & Wellbeing Team