As you prepare for competition, you’ll need some great motivation. It’s a good idea to add lots of positive affirmations to your days as you go through the process of getting your body ready to compete. If you’re new to competing, taking advice from seasoned competitors can also be motivational! We’ve collected some great motivational advice and quotes for you to remember when you’re preparing for competition.


“My motto is: Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Overall, my lifestyle doesn’t call for a diet. But, when I’m getting ready for an event, I use a strict diet regimen and cut out all sugar.

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“I am currently consuming five meals per day: breakfast, meal two, meal three, plus pre-workout and post-workout meals. The five-meal structure suits my lifestyle. That’s the most important part of structuring a diet.

Scientific research has proven that the most important aspect of nutrition is the macronutrient targets, not meal frequency. So, when I’m structuring diets for my clients, I pay special attention to their lifestyle.” – Stent Card, trainer and bodybuilder


“The hardest thing to do for many bodybuilders is to watch the scale drop on a regular basis. The scale is a tool, and that is what it should be used for. Use it to ensure you are not making large weight drops, but more importantly watch the mirror.

There is a good chance that you will step on stage lighter than you anticipate the first time. You cannot pick a weight at the beginning of a prep and work to hit that number and expect to be ready. Judges critique you based on your look, they don’t know what you weigh.” – Mark Snyder, NPC bodybuilding champion


“Updating the playlist on my iPod is such a simple but effective tool for increasing motivation.

I usually download several different types of music for every mood. It’s exciting to listen to music you haven’t become tired of.” –Jaclyn Wilson, IFBB Pro


“Don’t be afraid of increasing the weight you are lifting. If you have to start off lifting with five-pound weights, that’s fine, but once that starts to be easy for you, move up to 10-pound weights, and keep increasing weight as needed from there! You have to be lifting at a level that challenges your body if you want to build muscle tone.” —Paige Hathaway, National Physique Committee bikini competitor


“Your first rep and your last rep should look exactly the same, unless of course that last rep couldn’t be completed because of muscular fatigue. (But) form isn’t just about making an exercise look pretty, it’s about making sure the forces that you are putting through your body are distributed purposefully and with the least amount of potential wear on your joints.” – Meredith Mack, IFBB Pro


Remember, everybody has a unique way of practicing fitness and different goals, so not every piece of fitness advice works perfectly for everyone. Take what works best for you and create your own motivation. Make your own Pinterest board or write these quotes down on post-its. Use these quotes to get started building your arsenal of motivational materials as you prepare for competition. Good luck and good success!