Find The Fun In Grocery Shopping!

What’s the value of a grocery store workout?!?  Well, do you ever wonder how to get a good workout even if you can’t make it to the gym?
Better yet, do you think about how you can work out while running errands? It’s a great PHYSIQUE TECHNIQUE!!! Try thinking outside the “gym” and make the world your exercise studio. Start with the parking lot at the grocery store!
Not only will you benefit from the physical activity, but you will become a supreme multi-tasker! If, on average, you spend around 3 hours a month grocery shopping, imagine the extra exercise time you could add to your workout routine. With this grocery store workout routine, you will find yourself checking two things off your checklist for the day.

Take a Lap

Start your grocery store workout with a warm-up and take a few laps around the store. Keep a fast pace but take the time to look at things you are planning to purchase. This is a great way to get your mind ready for shopping so you won’t forget to pick up anything!


 It’s also a fun way to enjoy the, um, more unusual sights you might see on your average grocery shopping expedition!

Check Cart Posture

While walking, make sure to check that your posture is straight and your abdomen is fully engaged. Remember to keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out, and eyes looking straight ahead.

Standing up straight is good exercise…and one of the most de-stressing things you can do!

Top Shelf Stretches

Use the extra reaching required for top shelf items to stretch out your obliques and triceps! Extend and exaggerate the reach for a full body stretch.

Lower Shelf Squats

Reaching for those bottom row items gives a great opportunity for leg squats! Instead of bending from the waist, bend from your knees, holding the squat for 15-30 seconds. You can even play it off like you’re just browsing!  Just kidding on this photo, btw…you KNOW this is not a squat!!!

Produce Calf Raises

Picking out your produce requires reaching and surveying the different options. While making your selections, lift your heels up and down for a helpful calf exercise. Try doing 2 calf raises for each piece of produce you pick up.
Tip to remember:  Don’t buy any prepared foods unless they are the same portion size and ingredients you would prepare at home..with Coach Janis watching!

Waiting-in-Line Leg Lifts

The dreaded checkout line creates a great leg lift session. Using your cart for balance, lift one leg off of the ground in front of you.
No, not like the guy in this photo. Try doing 10 lifts on each leg, raising your leg a foot off the ground. If the person in front of you has a filled cart, switch it up and lift your legs to the side of your body, again raising your leg about a foot off the ground.

Grocery Bag Arm Lifts

As you head to your car, grocery bags make convenient weights for bicep curls. And for every two bags you put in your car, lift the bags in front of you, curling your arms up to your chest. Try doing 5 curls for every two grocery bags.

Make Your Grocery Store Workout Part of Your Routine

Stick to a thoughtful dietary plan, a spirited exercise regimen, and dedicated sleep time.  And be aware of your surroundings…even in the grocery store, you’ll see things that make you smile!



Health and Happiness, 

Janis and the Precision Fitness & Wellbeing Team