purely-fit-life-logos-600px3A fit and active life is the dream of many an individual, which prompts them to adopt various habits in order to reach their desired goal.

“Health is a state of the complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” ~ B.K.S. Lyengar.

In light of the above mentioned quote, it is evident that in order to enjoy and benefit from the beauties and gifts available in life, it is essential to take care of the most important wealth – health. Without health, all the valuables and charms of life are of no value, as an individual would not be able to derive any pleasure from them. There are a few vital habits, which if incorporated suitably in the lifestyles of individuals, ensure a fit and healthy life.



Regular Exercise


A regular exercise regime is essential to keep the body in perfect shape and ensure a fit and active lifestyle. You can opt for a simple exercise like cycling, walking, running or yoga to keep the body in great shape. Daily exercises are an essential habit for a fit individual.

Healthy And Nutritious Diet

A diet free of fried and frozen food is important for a healthy individual. Green vegetables are not overrated considering the amount of much needed nutrition they provide to the body. A well balanced diet containing all the essential components, like protein, fiber, calcium and vitamins is necessary for the wellbeing of a person, and is a vital habit to adopt.



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Proper Sleeping Pattern

A healthy lifestyle is not possible without a proper sleeping pattern. The human body is a highly complicated machine, which like any other device requires suitable resting and rebooting time. Sleep deprivation is one of themost major causes of deterioration in health, as the resting time is utilized by the body to get ready for another busy day in a challenging lifestyle.
Therefore, observing a suitable sleeping pattern should be the top priority of those individuals who have never given it its due importance for a healthy life.



Suitable Water Intake

Keeping hydrated and maintaining an appropriate level of water intake in the body is essential for keeping an individual alert and fresh at all times. As water constitutes a significant portion of the human body, a suitable level of water in the body will ensure smooth body functions and a fit and active lifestyle. Keeping hydrated is an important healthy habit to adopt.
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No Skipping Of Important Meals

The most common habit of most individuals is to skip the most important meal of the day, breakfast, though it is the essential energy booster one requires to start off a good day. People who skip breakfast tend to overeat later, which adds to their caloie intake, a habit not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.


Positive Attitude

A positive attitude and a can do behavior is essential to refrain yourself from the bad habits and adhere to the essential habitual practices, necessary for a healthy lifestyle. A positive attitude goes a long way in preparing an individual to follow the healthy habits to lead an active and happy life.

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