A perfect bikini body is much more than just being fit. It is how you carry yourself, what you choose to wear and of course getting that great tan. So, what we need is holistic fitness and that is what we want to give you tips for in this article.

Eat a big bowl of salad before meals. Make sure that the salad has fat-free dressing. This will ensure that you are fuller and eat less of the main course, which is usually a high calorie affair. In fact, a study by the Pennsylvania State University shows that women who eat a low calorie salad before their main course are able to bring down their calorie intake by 12% for each meal.

Focus on high fiber foods.

This is not only a great way to cleanse the body, it helps you burn more calories to digest. So, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. The more raw foods you can take, the better. Avoid white stuff, such as pasta, bread and rice and choose their brown versions instead. [/three_fourth_last]

Drink water.

Flush out toxins with at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. This not only helps reduce bloating, your skin looks clearer. Swap aerated and high calorie drinks for water. It brings multiple benefits.

Focus your exercise routine on the problem areas.

The four areas that give the most trouble are the arms and shoulders, abs, butt, and hips and thighs. The good news is that there are routines that focus on toning each one of these areas. For instance, [list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Use an elliptical trainer or other machines that will work your arms and shoulders. Strength training can help here.
  • You can flatten your abs with exercises that involve bending and twisted, such as an aerobic dance routine.
  • Stair climbing, walking and running can all help make that butt taut.
  • One option for working the hips and thighs is taking spin classes. Squats work well for most of these areas as well.
  • There are of course many other routines for you to choose from for each problem area.

[/list] Add high intensity intervals. Adding a few high intensity intervals interspersed through your usual cardio routine can help you speed up the fat burning. These intervals work much better than increasing the time of your cardio routine. You can gradually increase the intensity of these intervals and decrease the rest period to maximize the effect One this that will make you look better immediately is improving your posture. Pull your shoulders back and keep your head held high and your stomach pulled in. This not only portrays confidence, it improves the curvature of your back. And don’t forget to get a pedicure so that your feet look fabulous in beach footwear. If you too are looking for help to get into that perfect bikini body shape, contact Precision Divas TODAY. Led by fitness and nutrition coach Janis Garrido, the team at Precision Divas offers various fitness and nutrition programs, customized to meet the varying needs of individuals and corporations. Contact them today at 561-370-8198 or by filling in a simple form athttp://precisionfitbodies.com/contact.php to learn more.