You’ve just stuffed yourself with a nice high-calorie holiday meal and as you sit slumped in your chair, all bloated and half-lifeless, you wonder why you wolfed down so much food.

It’s quite well known that food comas are just about as common as hangovers induced by too much drinking during holidays. Well, the fact that we humans are somewhat hard-wired to binge eat doesn’t help much. Dating back to our primal ancestors, who went without food for long periods, but once found would have themselves a feast and eat everything they could get their hairy, animal-hunting hands on.

Binge eating today is a well documented disorder. Unfortunately for most, it takes a chokehold during holiday season. Being well-informed on what exactly triggers it can certainly cut down on the damage excessive eating can have on the mind and body. Let’s take apart some of the reasons folks binge eat during holidays.

Everybody’s Doing it, I’m No Different

Ah, there’s nothing like a bunch of old friends, family and relatives huddled up in a room or restaurant table, reminiscing old times, and nibbling away on food and having their drinks as they share their experiences or catch up over lost time. Mainlining hors d’oeuvres is a common sight. It’s no wonder the kitchen is the most popular spot at a home party. Misery loves company doesn’t it? Well, so does indulgence.

You can step out of a gym, chock full of endorphins and patting yourself on the back for having the will and energy to get a grueling workout, swearing off binge eating for a lifetime. And then you meet a good friend later that waves about a freshly baked donut under your nose. You think to yourself what harm could one do, right? And so it goes.

Opportunities Aplenty

Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and eventually the New Year – the parade of cookies, pies, cakes and candies is never-ending. Even a master disciplinarian of a clean and balanced diet tends to take a low blow, thanks to the sweet tooth, when constantly surrounded by these sweet and starchy foes. Add to this alcohol consumption and you’re well on your way – more than likely you’re going to reach for the cheese and crackers while camping out, just to absorb the effects.

Be aware that trying to starve during this phase can make matters much worse. When you’re not getting in the required amount of calories, you’re stomach eventually signals the brain to eat. If by chance, you happen to be within close proximity of sweet and starchy goodies, well, let’s just say you’re on your own! Never go to a party on an empty stomach. Fill up on a light and healthy snack before leaving. This significantly cuts down on your chances of binge eating.

One Second Thought…

Holidays are a time of fun and frolic, carefree joy, perhaps a little couch time all to yourself and a sense of graciousness for being with your loved ones. Unfortunately, holiday’s can drag along stress, loneliness and boredom in some instances. What’s your first instinct?  Why reaching for comfort food of course.

Feeling festive can often be the cause of “recreational eating”. You think to yourself: “Hey, I’ve been good to my body all year around, so why not indulge a little?” This often leads to overindulgence and it’s only normal human nature to think you might as well just keep indulging until you feel satisfied.

Get on track today and enough of the holiday binging already! Eat wise and just enough to last a few hours, preferably without having the mobility of Jabba The Hut.