Sleep is one need of our body to which we assign the minimum of importance, usually consigning it to the bottom of our priority list.


Not observing a proper sleeping pattern is the habit of multitudes of individuals, who deem it more important to complete their various tasks first, and only think of sleep as something which is a complete waste of time.

This utter disregard for something which is so important for the wellbeing and health of an individual, results in highly adverse effects on the overall fitness of a person. Sleep is the essential rest time needed by the body to reboot after a long and tiring day. The human body being a highly efficient machine requires proper resting time, without which the machine is apt to experience major problems in functions and operations, reducing an otherwise healthy individual to a person not being able to perform to their full potential.

The lack of sleep poses a number of highly risky threats to the health and fitness of an individual.

Increased Risk Of Obesity

Research has shown a high probability of obesity risk in individuals who do not have a proper sleeping pattern. Some individuals have a tendency to make up for their sleep deprivation by consuming large amounts of high calorie and unhealthy diet, along with a high caffeine intake. Obesity due to an unhealthy diet is a resultant problem of lack of proper sleep.



Threat Of Brain Tissue Loss

According to research, even the loss of a single night’s sleep results in the damage to the brain tissue of an individual. It affects the cognitive and memory based abilities of an individual, serving to have a detrimental impact on the problem solving and learning faculties.

Emotional Imbalance

Sleep deprivation causes individuals to become irritated and short tempered, which also affects the stress levels of a person. Stress is itself very detrimental for the health, affecting the metabolism of the body, which supports the need for proper sleep in an individual.

Reduced Alertness

Lack of sleep is one of the most prevalent reasons for accidents caused due to the reduced alertness levels of individuals. With the mind not completely refreshed and revitalized, the abilities of the brain are likely to get affected, which will impact the completion of normal daily activities in an individual.


Stroke Risk

Lack of proper sleep has been accredited with increasing the likelihood of strokes and paralysis in a person four times! This goes to show the importance sleep for the fitness and health of an individual.

High Probability Of Cancer

Colorectal and breast cancer have been linked in individuals with improper sleep patterns. There is a high probability of cancer in individuals who do not adhere to healthy sleeping habits.

Constant Lethargy And Fatigue

Without due sleep and rest, an individual remains constantly tired and burnt out, exhibiting symptoms of lethargy and fatigue. In order to go about the regular daily activities and enjoy an active lifestyle, proper sleep is necessary.

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