You may find how this resonates with millions of women when we touch on the subject of weight loss:

“I work out really hard, OK? I’ve nailed the diet part just right and shedding a few pounds takes at least a few grueling months” she says. “My husband on the other hand cheats on his diet every now and then, but still manages to maintain that ideal bodyweight. This is just so NOT fair!”

Well, fair or not, this is simply the way it is. But why though, you might wonder? Why is it that men are more adept at burning off fat and more efficient at maintaining an ideal bodyweight?

Many women find it easy to resort to something like “we’re not working hard enough, need to push harder”. Rest-assured, it isn’t that, or that men are working harder. Men and women are made differently, and these distinctions can govern how women lose weight and at what rate.

Men usually have anywhere between 40% and 60% more lean muscle tissue, compared to their female counterparts. The more muscle you have, the more efficient your body becomes at burning away calories and burning fat. Men simply have this ability integrated into their bodies. This explains why you see so many gyms and personal trainers are encouraging more women to reap the benefits of weight training.

Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

Your body needs a certain number of calories to support basic functions, which are decided by a few things.

Your Body’s Size

A larger body needs more calories for optimal function, than a smaller one. Men are generally larger than women, so go ahead and chalk one up for the fellas!

Body Composition

Every pound of lean body mass you carry, burns up to 14 calories per day, and every pound of fat you have burns just 2 calories a day. The more muscle you’re carrying (and less fat), the greater your caloric expenditure is. Well, that’s another point for “the fellas”; bigger bodies, more muscle, you do the math. Women, either pick up those dumbbells or start hitting the squat rack!

Rate of Calorie Burn

Not to sprinkle more salt on the wound, but for a fact, men tend to burn a higher number of calories while exercising. None of this owes to working harder than women but simply having larger bodies, so more calories are needed to fuel that body in motion. A 250-pound man Vs a 150- pound woman, running at the same pace, will have different calorie burn counts. The “dude” is going to burn more calories, by not necessarily working harder, simply put.

What does it boil Down to?

The number of calories required for a man to maintain bodyweight is markedly higher, compared to a woman. This, as it turns out, is a major advantage for men, from a fat-loss perspective.

A bulky guy maintaining his weight on 2500 calories a day can eliminate a 1000 calories from his diet and still have enough juice to drop a few pounds in, say, 10 days or so. Women, by contrast, would have to go dangerously low on their calorie count to lose weight at that rate.