Worrying about your looks too much will not only be a source of unwanted stress, but also makes you age faster. As a result, you see some folks gladly going under the knife in a bid to restore youthful looks and perhaps go back to feeling what it was like to be young and full of vigor.

Most Americans do not share this outlook though. Every nine out of ten patients say they want to look younger without plastic surgery, according to dermatologist Dr. David McDaniel, a dermatologist and director at the East Virginia Medical School, Norfolk.

There are a number of ways with which you can shave years off your appearance. Here’s to looking good without the knife.


A Thermage is somewhat an alternative to a face-lift. It can be comparable to a mini face-lift. A radiofrequency treatment that makes use of heat to tighten the skin; this stimulates collagen production.

This procedure’s particularly useful for people who do not wish to undergo any surgical procedures. It’s pricey though, and you’ll have to look for three to six months for the skin’s collagen to grow before results come.


Massages are not only great for getting rid of soreness, they also make for a good anti-aging tool.

A good massage can keep your skin feeling nice and firm, and it serves as a workout for face muscles; kneading muscle tissue improves circulation which delivers vital oxygen and nutrients to the treated area. The result – collagen fibers in the skin retain more elasticity.

Regular facials keep your face feeling and looking young. Massaging is generally the best method of preventing and minimizing cellulite. Women would be pleased to know it makes the thighs and hips look smoother.

Consistency is the key here. Receiving regular massages and facials on a monthly basis is the ticket.

Eat to Age Well

The kind of food you eat has a significant impact on your physical appearance. Generally, any food that increases inflammation and free radical production in the body accelerates the aging process.

Similarly, eating foods that fight inflammation and free radical production help you age gracefully.

What you want to do is stick to lean meats, particularly the white variety, in addition to plenty of green and non-starchy vegetables. Generally avoid anything that’s high in simple carbohydrates or saturated forms of fats (including trans fats).

A diet high in simple carbohydrates like white bread or rice leaves your face and body looking bloated. Eliminate simple carbs from your diet and experience none of the water retention.

Embrace Reality

Naturally, with age, the color and texture of your hair starts to change, as does the color and texture of your skin. What you probably know is that powders and foundations tend to highlight wrinkles more. Ditch these and get a light, tinted moisturizer instead. Seek the help of a professional if you must.

The same applies to hair. Your style needs to change as you age, in order to maintain volume and vitality. Consult a hair stylist and don’t hesitate to gather input.

You might have heard of body-slimming garments. These do a good job of hiding bulges, if you’re that conscious that is.

The best remedy yet – accept yourself and be grateful for what you have!