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Love yourself and the body you’re in.

Is your purpose for being fit for yourself? If so, you will be inspired.

If your reasons are unhealthy, you will feel the need to cut down others who you perceive as better, or you will feel that tinge of insecurity every time someone who is fit or (fill in the blank) walks by.


Know thyself…….. Accept thyself………
Appreciate the uniqueness that is you. YOU define YOU.

Another woman does not define you when she walks by and suddenly you don’t feel good about yourself or your journey.
You still are the same person that existed before she walked by, and you still are that person after she is gone. Dig deeper into any negative feelings you have and find their source.

A love interest does not define you because things are not going the way you would like it to…
The fact that someone else’s truth is not your truth does not make them a bad person. It may just be that your truths are no longer aligned. CHOOSE your path.

Do you see someone you admire or want to be like? Ask that person how they do it. Ask what you can do.
If you choose to eat whatever you want and be a full-bodied woman, be that proudly.
Above all, be true to YOUR choice for YOU!
Whatever you do, do not make a choice and then be angry with another for the results of their choice.
When you define yourself, only then do you not become someone else’s definition of who you should be.

Not sure who you are? Take some time to look within. Ask a dear and trusted friend.
We put a lot of work and effort on the outward appearance, but we as women will never be satisfied until we are happy on the inside. We are far too complex of a creature. [one_half]


Each week brings with it so many challenges. You can take a step back and conquer each from a peaceful standpoint or from a fretful standpoint.

The choice is yours. What’s going on in the inside will determine how you handle.

When you love the self you are in, you are able to tackle it all and still get your workout in!

Life’s obstacles seem but a walk in the park when everything is in perspective.

My Weekend
I wondered over the weekend: “Why do I never seem to have enough time in my day?” Well,
• I have many goals and dreams.
• I have a great deal to offer, and I have extended these offer(s). So, of course, folks are calling in their hands. Learning when to say no delicately…
This is a lesson I am still learning.

In the meantime, I shall continue to “talk myself off the ledge.”
And so it follows that as I’m driving around on a Sunday delivering this for a friend or helping someone do something ON MY ONLY DAY OFF (I scream inwardly.)
Hey, Susan! You offered! You didn’t say no! (I remind myself.)

Of course I will keep you posted on how this one battle of saying “NO” is going.


Running on the beach

Push ups on the beach



My coach is so awesome. She lets it all run off her back. We are all very high-strung individuals, to put it mildly. We come equipped with our dreams and ambitions and upcoming competitions and our diets that we must stick to…
Janis takes it all in stride and with great patience and has nothing but continued support for each of us, and our unique personalities.

Yay, Janis Garrido!!

I suggest you find or acquire a “Janis”, if you haven’t done so already. It does wonders for the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Content Woman




I love the self that I am in.

Certainly there are body parts that I strive to improve
…there are personality traits that I am working on and honing to better suit my immediate goals.
…there are friendships that I am cultivating.
…there are friendships that I am saying no to because you can only give advice so many times to the same person who repeatedly does the same thing yet and yet again.

Toxicity has no place in my life.

What I offer here on this blog is not professional help, but merely a sharing of my fitness journey in the hopes that it will inspire some, if not all.For me, fitness is not just what shows on the outside. It also, and most importantly I might add, emanates from the inside.

If you are visiting my blog for the first time, take a quick journey back to some earlier postings. My philosophy is clearly stated. Hence, what I’m saying here will make more sense.
Working out is understood. Exercising is just what we do. It is a way of life. Know that even if I have not said it, I worked out already today. — I did upper body today.

My coach, Janis Garrido, tailors my training for me. It is Susan-specific training that is commensurate with my goals this year.

Because we can all go to the gym and go, go, go, I tend to focus more on the journey via this medium and the different challenges that can be encountered each week or on any given day.
I figure there must be someone who can relate.



My blog is ever evolving, as I am. Nevertheless, I promise to always be candid. I will always keep it real.
Follow me on Instagram at susansochapetty.
Add me on Facebook.
Or just stay right here on the weekly blog. The choice, as with everything else, is entirely yours.

Yours FITfully,

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