Perfect tanning tips for that perfect body!


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Having a base tan is really helpful for two reasons: It helps make the tanning product look more even. And, if the tan happens to run onstage, at least there is a base underneath and the difference isn’t as startling.
Start tanning in a bed/booth or outdoors at least three weeks out from a contest, 2-3 times a week. If you tan outdoors, use sunscreen.  BURNING is a complete no-no – always! – and tan lines are not desired. If you tan in a bed, gradual tanning while nekkid is the best way to ensure your color is even. Don’t worry if there is a little line under your butt cheeks or under arms. Those areas tend to be lighter anyway. You can, however, change positions in the bed to try to get tan everywhere (as best as possible). Make sure you stop tanning the week of your show, and be careful not to get burned! Health reasons aside, peeling skin causes patches and tan lines cannot be fixed!

If you are opposed to tanning outdoors or in the booth, a good idea is to use a self tanner prior to using the actual tanning product. You should do this a few weeks prior to your show. Make sure you apply it evenly and take care of your skin properly. 


Smooth skin is essential to an even tan. It is important to exfoliate several weeks prior to your show. You can use a product or just use a good old-fashioned washcloth. Terrycloth fabric can be the BEST exfoliator. The week prior to the show, you should use a non-oil-based exfoliating product.

Make sure to exfoliate evenly – if there is old skin still left in an area that has been exfoliated or waxed, once you put the tanning product on those areas will be darker than then new skin. That leads to a “patchy” look and, much like a sunburn, there is nothing you can do if this happens.

Shave Or Wax

Of course all hair needs to be removed from the body so the skin has a nice, smooth look to it and all definition can be seen. Shaving, waxing and hair removal products can all be used. 

Once you start applying your tan, you shouldn’t shave! Although you may feel stubble growing back prior to the contest, it really cannot be seen when you are on stage.  If you shave after your tan is applied, you risk the tan coming off that area as you are exfoliating your skin further.

Waxing is ideal because it lasts longer than shaving. If you do not know how your body will take to it, or you have sensitive skin, try it several weeks before your show to ensure you don’t get rashes or burns from waxing. If you have burns on your skin or a rash from waxing, the tan will be darker in those areas. The same thing goes for hair removal products. Make sure you experiment with them several weeks prior to your show in case they give you a rash or don’t work for you.

Last Minute Details

It is very important that prior to applying your first coat of tan, you have dry, exfoliated, hairless skin. This is so the tan soaks into the skin perfectly and evenly. You should shower and exfoliate for the last time right before you go in for your tan. If you have spent the day traveling, checking into your hotel and sitting at athlete check-ins, your skin will have moisture on it from sweating and the tan won’t adhere well to the skin. Make sure you wash your armpit areas with a soap washcloth as deodorant tends to stay on the skin. Leftover deodorant can change the color of the tanning product.

After you shower, do not use deodorant or moisterizer on your skin. If you tend to have very oily skin you may want to use dishwashing liquid – it really dries out the skin.

Areas to which  you may want to apply a small amount of body lotion on are your heels, knees, elbows, hands and feet. These are places that tend to be dryer than normal skin. The tan can stick in these places and be darker.

See the results!!




HotSpot will be providing tanning the day before and the morning of the show!


Holiday Inn Palm Beach Airport Hotel & Conference Center

1301 Belvedere Road
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
T. 561.659.3880

 PRE SHOW HOURS: 5:00PM – 8:30PM





On September 10th – before prejudging –all competitors using Hot Spot services should report to the South Flordia Fair Expo Center for their second tanning session with Hot Spot.

South Florida Fair Expo Center

9067 Southern Blvd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33411


We are also excited to announce that there will be a makeup artist on-site!
More information coming soon!

Have a great weekend, tanned, fit and happy you!

Coach Janis and the PF&W Team


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