Hello PFIT Better Booty Challengers!  We are so excited to be making our way into the fourth and final week of our inaugural monthly contest…The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!  First, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our contestants!  Second…WHERE’S THE PHOTO OF YOUR FANTASTIC PROGRESS?  To help, How To Take The Best Booty Photo is here!  


Once again, there are great prizes on the line! You’ve been working your ‘butt’ off. Now it’s time to really impress the judges and SHOW OFF YOUR PROGRESS WITH A GREAT BELFIE.  Pose, selfie, and post your progress!  Be the one who claims the First Place Prize: a one-on-one training session with Coach Janis!



No fear, PFIT is here to help you show off your ass-ets by offering these great tips on How To Take The Best Booty Photo!


Before we get started, though, let’s remember that this challenge is really about making habits that will stick with you all through your fitness career.  Yes, the competition will soon be drawing to a close, but this does not mean you should drop the ball. Quite the opposite! Continue to work hard and strive to get better.  This is what fitness is all about, people!  In the beginning of the competition we recommended taking a before photo of your booty.  Now, show off your hard work and dedication to the judges!  This is only possible by taking a great booty selfie.  Here are some tips on how to take the best booty photo ever!


  • Lighting

When it comes to photography, lighting is everything! We’re not asking you to cheat the camera, but finding the right light can really give your booty the justice it deserves!  Tip: phones offer minimal lighting.  If you have one, use a camera to take the best shot possible.

  • Setting

Setting is important because unnecessary distractions can throw off a judge’s decision.  Really focus on center-staging your booty!  With that being said, maybe a photo of just your booty is a bit much…

  • Angles

No cheating the judges here.  Angles are key to making your booty strategically bigger, sometimes bigger than what it actually is!  Only a before and after photo with the same angle can put the judges at ease here.

  • Appropriate clothing

No nudes, please! Let’s keep it clean, simple, and classy!


  • Stand tall/cross your legs


  • Moisturize

  • Best cheek forward

We all have our good side – put your best cheek forward!

  • Partner help to take the shot/tripod stands

Here are some photo suggestions to get the creative juices flowing…

  • Show the rest of your body…

  • Take a fitness themed photo…after all, this IS a fitness competition!

Achieving great booty fitness can make you more confident – especially for making a better selfie!  It can attract opposite sex, and more importantly, it will make you feel accomplished about yourself because good effort and hard work are what it’s all about!

AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE EXERCISES YOU’VE BEEN DOING?!? Nothing has changed!  Week 3 is all about building upon the foundation created in the first 2 weeks.  Stick to the Tag-You’re-It Challenge until you hit Week 4, when it will be time for your final exercise challenge AND your final belfie!!  Overall, really keep pushing yourself to finish with a strong effort!



Thank you to Jolie and Brogan for your input. We expect to see your belfies shortly!