Precision Fitness is proud to announce and introduce the first monthly PF&W contest: The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!


Yes, you can win a FREE personal training session with Coach Janis herself…


…plus a free PF&W tee shirt, plus FAME! as the winner of The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!  More on our prizes, below.

Woo-hoo!  Time to shape up that booty and win some prizes!  November is the month to do it, because you can join in the fun with The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!  It’s time to shape your booty, selfie it, post it and vote for the BEST BOOTY.  We’ve got fun exercise routines to refine and define the booty and surrounding areas.  (For you newbies, this is a great start towards a well-rounded exercise routine.)  So get going on this week’s challenge, guys and gals!  And remember: this November is all about SHAPING THAT BOOTY, so  December – party season – can be all about…SHAKING IT!

Week 1: Alphabet Challenge


 Simply look up each letter of your name and perform the corresponding exercise routine.   Newbies can start with their first name only – everyone else, it’s the whole name.  Our Week 1 Alphabet Challenge is all about consistency, good form, and repetition. In order to really track your progress and see an improvement, we recommend taking a before and after picture.  This will really keep you motivated and committed to achieving the best possible booty!  We’re going to see some results here!

 All week long…KEEP WORKING IT!

How-to’s on exercises are below. Strive for improvement and commit to your workouts! If you feel the need to switch gears and adjust your Alphabet Challenge, try it with the name of your spouse or significant other or child, friend, or pet.  You’re well on your way!

Prize 1

Week 2: Heh-heh, you’ll have to wait until next Friday to see the challenge for Week 2!

Week 3: Keep workin’ it.  And: HOW TO TAKE THE BEST BOOTY PHOTO.  There are great prizes on the line! You’ve worked your ‘butt’ off, and now it’s time to really impress the judges and SHOW OFF YOUR PROGRESS WITH A GREAT BELFIE (BUTT SELFIE).  Pose, selfie, and post your progress!



Week 4: Keep workin’ it.  Plus: Voting and prize announcements!  Okay, this is the final stretch.

Let’s finish strong and really commit to your booty fitness!  There are some great prizes to be wonBetterBooty_PF&W_Prizes1BetterBooty_PFW





A. Wall SitBooty exercise 22

B. Run In PlaceBooty exercise 19

C. Heel Lift Squat [Increase Difficulty: Spin 360°]Booty exercise 1

D. One Armed PlankBooty exercise 13

E. LungesBooty exercise 23

F. BurpeesBooty exercise 24

G. Up Dog/Down DogBooty exercise 10

H. Jumping JacksBooty exercise 25

I. Sumo SquatBooty exercise 6

J. Single Leg Deadlift [Weights Optional]Booty exercise 20

K. High JumpsBooty exercise 11

L. Jump Squats [Increase Difficulty: Turn 360°]Booty exercise 9

M. Jump Lunges One Leg At A Timelunge-jumps-ethan-400x400

N. Push-UpBooty exercise 26

O. Single Leg Butt BridgeBooty exercise 27

P. High RunsBooty exercise 28

Q. Jump Squat TurnBooty exercise 30

R. Jump Forward and BackBooty exercise 29

S. Hydrants [Add Leg Kick]Booty exercise 3

Booty exercise 4

T. Leap Frog

Booty exercise 16

U. RainbowsBooty exercise 17

V. One Armed PlankBooty exercise 14

W. Butt Lift BridgesBooty exercise 5

X. Butt-KickBooty exercise 2

Y. Curtsy Lunges (Weights And Kick Optional)Booty exercise 21

Z. Sumo Squat With Heel RaisedBooty exercise 31

Precision Fitness & Wellbeing is rooting for you in your quest to achieve a toned and fit booty! We’re confident that if you stick to each week’s challenge and make healthy lifestyle choices, you’ll see some noticeable booty improvements!  

We hope you enjoy yourself silly!


and watch our instagram feed for fun photos!

Booty 2


Thanks to popsugar and mycrankygoodlife for instructional photos.