When it comes to on-stage bikini competition, naturally every competitor has a distinct sense of style, which is reflected in a number of things including their selection of poses and bikini. Though there are certain things that are going to overrule this sense of style. The bright stage lights and blatantly dark body spray tan for one, will govern the design and color of your suit.

What’s in a Design Anyway?

Pitted against a bikini bought off the shelf, a custom-made one will always make the competitor stand out. The bottom half of the suit should ideally be smaller than what you’re accustomed to wearing at the beach or pool.

The width of your suit bottom shouldn’t cover the glutes too much as these are among the top “showcase” areas you really want the judges to see. You want the bottoms to be small enough to completely showcase the glutes, upper hamstrings and lower back development. Similarly, if the height of your bottoms is markedly high, it will make your torso appear shorter, and you may not get to showcase lower ab development.

Here’s a good way to get it just right: if it sits just an inch above the mid-point of your hips, you’re set. The hip connectors don’t rise unlike a figure suit, but rather sport a minor rise to make your legs appear tall and lean.

Colors That Leave a Lasting Impression

Whether you’re going with greens, blues or a generous combination of both, cool tones always liven up the stage. Though, you may have noticed how a lot of competitors tend to wear the same cool color tones.

The way you present that physique is what the audience and quite possibly the judges too, will remember you for, but it pays to know how the right color will really help you stand out and immediately attract the attention of your audience. There are just so many colors you can pick to go along with your physique type and aura.

Common primary colors like blue, red and yellow look fantastic as they have a pure pigment. Brighter colors like orange or orange-like colors really make their presence felt and have so much more “pop” and presence on-stage. Want to know what colors make you pop and stand out immediately next to so many other competitors? Check out a lineup on-stage and see what colors grab your attention first.

Also keep in mind that spray tans have certain dyes which make your skin appear darker and more tanned than it really is (in order for those cuts and striations to stand out), and red suits for example, may blend right in with your skin tone. That’s what you should be avoiding.

This Way and That

Small print patterns certainly look good since there isn’t much fabric. You get great flow when the pattern itself is scaled according to the size of the fabric of your suit. I.e. bold patterns should be placed in certain areas of your suit without overwhelming it.

A Word on Connectors

Looking to “bling out” your suit? Let the fabric color shine and experiment with different connectors. Connectors could also take the form of crystals or other accessories. Just be as specific as possible when communicating all this to your designer.

Competition bikini suits typically range from $150 to $500 and it’s best to place your order a good 4 to 5 weeks out, as designers may take up to 3 weeks to have your competition suit ready.