Every Organization’s No.1 Asset – Employee Health & Wellbeing

You’re probably aware of the role fitness plays in our lives, particularly as we age. Those among us who are heavily engaged in the corporate sector can find it near-impossible at times to have the energy or quite simply the time to get a good workout, a few times a week, let alone practice good lifestyle habits.

Precision Fitness’ Corporate Wellness programs are specially planned out with nurturing employee wellness in mind. Irrespective of the job function or work environment you’re accustomed to, there’s a plan that benefits each employee, no matter what corporate cultural they’re coming from.

Conventional approaches to counter the health care crises usually don’t bare fruitful outcomes and often exacerbate poor health and work-induced stress among employees. Often you’ll find companies waiting, until an employee is stricken with some form of illness or injury, and then asking them to simply make use of the internal health care benefits or insurance. This is certainly not a long term solution.

With the Precision Fitness approach what you’re getting is essentially an emphasis on prevention and practicing good lifestyle habits; a more proactive outlook so to speak. Without a doubt, you’re company can start to enjoy lowered health care expenses as well as a boost in morale and productivity. Every individual deserves to attain the gift of good health. Whether your bag is muscle toning and strength training, meditation & yoga, group or one-on-one coaching, Precision Fitness Corporate Wellness has all the tools to help you get a handle on your health and fitness levels.

What you’re looking at are tremendous gains in terms of improved self-esteem, self-motivation and immeasurable wellbeing benefits.

Precision Fitness Corporate Benefits

Employees of all ages can enjoy wellness programs that help them cut down on risks of chronic diseases, have a fuller, healthier, happier and generally more productive life. Some of the benefits you can expect are:[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Bolster self-esteem and self-confidence levels
  • Channel energy better to be more productive and spend more time playing and learning with children.
  • Better focus and alertness level both at work and home.
  • Learning how to make healthier lifestyle choices; ideal eating habits, proper posture and making intelligent and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Lower stress and anxiety levels, experience better moods throughout the day which lead to better relationships.[/list]

Generous Savings

The Wellness Councils of America claims over 80% businesses with 50 or more employees incorporate a fitness and wellness program in some form or the other. For a number of companies, medical expenditures alone gobble up more than half the profits.

The goal here is to keep employees healthy while reducing high insurance and medical costs – corporate wellness programs are known to be highly effective in this regard.

Precision Fitness Health Benefits

You can immediately start to enjoy a number of benefits:[list type=”icon-arrow”]

  • Relieve work-related stress that leads to anxiety and depression.
  • Avoid work-induced tension and injuries like muscle strain or back pain.
  • Cut down on risks of illnesses or injuries that are a direct result of being overworked or suffering from poor health.
  • Boost stamina, alertness and productivity in employees of all levels.
  • Reduce risks of disability arising from poor health care practices.[/list]

Be strong, be focused, and learn to relax. With Precision Fitness’ approach to corporate wellness, you just can’t go wrong.