[space height=”30″][one_half]Here’s a bit of background on Susan and her workout / nutrition plan:  Susan is training as a Diva.  Her first competition will be in July. We plan to hit the national stage competing in Bikini category. Here is her method on preparing to compete.

Susan’s Workout Plan

Susan’s workout plan consist of weight training 3 times a week, 1 day of plyometrics, and a cardio prescription to build her cardiovascular endurance. We focus on chest and back on Monday, legs on Wednesday and shoulders and arms on Friday.

Susan’s Diet

consists of foods in their natural state. We use lots of fresh organic vegetables and organic chicken, turkey and fish. My method is to use what nature has provided us to help create the perfect physique.[/one_half][one_sixth]Diva_Competition_Trophy_Bikini↑ The goal![/one_sixth][one_third_last]BootCamp Group[/one_third_last]

[heading type=2]On 11/19/2013,
Susan measured:[/heading]
[list type=”icon-circle”]

  • Shoulders 42 inches
  • Chest 39 inches
  • Waist 28 inches
  • Hips 37.5 inches

[one_third][space height=”82″][list type=”icon-star”]

  • Body Fat 32%
  • Weight 138.5 lbs

[one_third_last][heading type=2]We are measuring body fat / weight bi-weekly.  Look at the huge drop in body fat already![/heading]
[list type=”icon-star”]

  • Body Fat 25%
  • Weight 137.5

[/one_third_last][space height=”20″]

We are confident that with Susan’s

motivation and work ethic,

you will be seeing a new Superstar Diva in July!

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