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Do you find yourself complaining about neck and back pain at the end of the workday? Sitting at our desks all day can start to wreak havoc on our bodies. If your desk is improperly set up, you may start experiencing repetitive strain injury. These are injuries to musculoskeletal and nervous systems that can be caused by sustained or awkward positions. Improve your posture and decrease the risk of injury by giving your workspace an ergonomic makeover!

Here are the most important things you’ll want to have:

Ergonomic Furniture In A Traditional Sit-Down Workspace

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• Your office chair will need a comfortable cushion, arm rests, adjustable seat height, and adjustable back rest height.

You’ll also need lumbar support- ideally the chair should support your lower back by coming forward. If your chair doesn’t have this, you can buy an inexpensive one that easily attaches to your chair.

The ability to swivel or roll around is also helpful so that you can reach items at your desk more easily.


• Your desk: Your mouse and keyboard should be as close together as possible, and the alphanumeric part of the keyboard should be centered on your desk.

If you have a sliding keyboard tray, make sure your mouse is on the tray with it, not on the desk- your elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle so you aren’t straining your wrists when you type.

• Your computer monitor should be an arm’s length away from where you’re sitting. Make sure it is at eye level.


Standing Desks…Becoming All the Rage?Standing-tall

The standing desk is slowly gaining popularity at both large corporations and small, entrepreneurial companies. Some companies buy standup desks for their employees, other employees take the do-it-yourself route.
The Benefits of Standing Desks:

• Burn calories while staying balanced

• Prolonged sitting increases the risk of certain cancers

• Standing makes it easier to maintain proper posture

• Standing results in a reduced risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease

Don’t forget to take frequent breaks from staring at your computer. Even if you have a standing desk, you should take a walk around your office every so often.