Now matter your current level on the fitness odometer, having a healthy, consistent, and reliable metabolism can make all the difference in the world!  As fitness enthusiasts, we should all seek and explore sound,mea ningful fitness and wellbeing advice.  As we aspire to reach our goals, giving mind to the biochemical processes that constantly go on internally can be just as important as picking up a set of weights.  Let Precision Fitness & Wellbeing be your source for physical, nutritional, mind, and meaningful biological advice.

So what exactly is writing a summary essay how write essay writing levitra from online american pharmacy opinion essay about tourism 50mg topamax with 20mg lexapro buy antibiotics without a prescription generic crestor and grapefruit reference for essay viagra price at clicks how to write an interesting essay viagra and depression viagra after open heart surgery dissertation consent form template essay there are many different types of music buy viagra nottingham project management exam essay questions professional writing papers clone zone viagra outsourcing research paper mind reading essay i took half a viagra essay the mass media can old viagra hurt you go site virus viagra email hotmail METABOLISM?!?  It just so happens to be that this biochemical process is pretty darn important.  By definition, it is the process by which you convert what you drink and eat into ENERGY.  It is during this process that calories in food and beverages are combined with Oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function.  In other words, VERY IMPORTANT!!

Even when you’re at rest, your body needs energy for things such as breathing, circulating blood, adjusting hormone levels, and growing and repairing cells.

The number of calories your body uses to carry out these basic functions is known as your basic metabolic rate — what you might call metabolism. Several factors determine this rate, including: 

  • Your body size and composition. Larger bodies and more muscle=burn more calories, even at rest.
  • Your sex. Science dictates that men typically have less body fat than women.
  • Your age. As you get older, the amount of muscle naturally tends to decrease. Fat can become a greater percentage of your weight, slowing down calorie burning.

Below, you will find 16 great go-to snacks that will kick start your metabolism, contribute to your healthy lifestyle, and overall just make your day AWESOME!



Egg Whites

Egg Whites_PFW






Whey Protein

Whey Protein_PFW

Low Fat Plain Yogurt

Low Fat Plain Yogurt_PFW


Broccoli_PFW Apples


Canned Tuna




Cottage Cheese


Beef Jerky







Let Precision Fitness & Wellbeing help you with your exercise and nutrition choices!