10 Steps to Becoming a Fit Chick

10 Steps to Becoming a Fit Chick Aiming to be healthier and fitter on the outside and the inside is always on the plate. There are many advantages that being in a good shape offers, including- feeling stronger, fitting effortlessly into your favorite clothes, higher self esteem and the like. Staying fit and healthy and

Is it Easier for Men to Lose Weight than Women?

You may find how this resonates with millions of women when we touch on the subject of weight loss: “I work out really hard, OK? I’ve nailed the diet part just right and shedding a few pounds takes at least a few grueling months” she says. “My husband on the other hand cheats on his

Creating Healthy Habits

Do you find yourself being routinely late for work or personal engagements? It’s only the first half of the day, and you feel as if your energy levels are starting to plummet. It’s 5 pm, you’re stuck in traffic and it’s really starting to eat you up for some reason. What could possibly be wrong?

20 Minutes to Work Out: No Problem, Follow This Program

Ways of managing stress, staying fit and healthy is something that’s gained a fair amount of momentum over the years, and most if not all, have made it a habit to integrate some kind of exercise regimen into their often overburdening routines. Someone who’s very passionate about diet, health and exercise, unfortunately may not get

Cycling for Beginners – Know Your Bike

Cycling is one of the most effortless ways to perform low intensity exercise. It is also affordable, low maintenance and thoroughly enjoyable. But if you are a novice, you may have many questions regarding the choice, usage, safety and upkeep of your bike. All it takes is to be armed with the right kind of

10 Tips for Staying Motivated With Your Workout Plan

Have you ever started a workout schedule and then given up after a few days? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning to keep up with your morning jog resolution? Do you keep blaming your will power, or the lack of it, because you just can’t seem to sustain

Exercises that Help Improve Your Sex Life

Did you know that enthusiastic sex for an hour can help you burn off more than 80 calories? But then, an hour of sex is asking for too much for most of us! However, there is something that can help you boost your stamina and your pleasure – EXERCISE! The right exercises can increase your