Nutritious Chicken – Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Cream Sauce

Chicken Breast manages to find its way in quite a handful of recipes; it’s simply great in taste and packs a good deal of “clean protein”. Before we dive right into the good stuff, let’s take a look at some “good to know” facts about this commonly-loved meat. Since we’re mainly geared towards preparing healthy

Healthy Chicken Recipes – Edamame & Ginger

Why Cook When you Have Food on the go? Fast moving lifestyles, overloaded schedules, people glued to their laptops and android phones – who has time to sit down and enjoy a healthy meal, right? Fast food and junk food is all the craze, particularly with the younger crowd, and to the average health nut,

Great Chicken Recipes – Stir Fry Almond Chicken

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. This especially holds true for food. One such item that can be used over and over again to come up with rich and enticing recipes is chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken? Black people love chicken. Your neighbor loves chicken. The president loves it. Even your dog