Clean Eating: Asian-inspired Chicken Salad

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many healthy snacks available over the counter that fill you up and keep you moving along nicely, without having to worry about the total number of calories you just ingested, or the amount of fat or sodium that’s in it. We’re left with the next best alternative: taking out just a

Clean Eating: Asian-inspired Chicken Salad

If you happen to find the sheer list of ingredients below even mildly intimidating, by all means resort to a package of 5-spice tofu rather than marinating and grilling chicken breasts. But that would squeeze all the reward and mesmerizing flavor out of your kitchen efforts, wouldn’t it? You can really get creative though by

Poultry Haven – Chicken Sesame

Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. This especially holds true for food. One such item that can be used over and over again to come up with rich and enticing recipes is chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken? Black people love chicken. Your neighbor loves chicken. The president loves it. Even your dog

Oven-Fried Walnut and Rosemary Chicken

Good old fried chicken is considered one of the ultimate comfort foods. Chances are though if you belong to the health-conscious lot, you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t have a reputation for clogging the arteries. It’s no secret that chicken is widely popular. Folks love chicken, actually most folks eat chicken, as opposed to