Competition Prep Do’s and Don’ts – The Last Few Weeks

When you’re gearing up for a fitness competition, it’s common to worry during the last few weeks that you haven’t done everything right. You start trying to cram in extra preparation and workouts, hoping it’ll make up for whatever you think you’re lacking. But the trick for preparing yourself as best you can as the competition nears

How Does It Feel To Compete In A Fitness Competition?

You’ve done all the prep and worked endlessly on your goals for your first competition. Now you’re wondering what it’s like to actually be there. How will you feel onstage? What kinds of people will you meet? Here is some great advice on what to expect on the day of the competition! [one_half][/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last] Prepping For

What To Eat The Week Before A Fitness Competition

Many of you are probably in the midst of preparing for competition season and are working hard to get your bodies into tip-top shape. While you’ve probably planned how to get all the nutrients essential for building your competition figure, it’s very important to keep eating clean until the day of the competition- your diet

Get Pumped Up For Competition With These Motivational Quotes!

As you prepare for competition, you'll need some great motivation. It’s a good idea to add lots of positive affirmations to your days as you go through the process of getting your body ready to compete. If you’re new to competing, taking advice from seasoned competitors can also be motivational! We’ve collected some great motivational advice