Let’s Do Lunch: How Healthy Corporate Catering Can Better Your Company

With the economy on the rise, employers are doing everything that they can to make sure that their companies are profitable. Cutting funds here, moving funds there, investing funds here—all in the name of optimization and security. One option that way too many companies are neglecting is hiring a corporate catering company. At first, spending

The Benefits of Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs

[space height="20"] What’s the secret to a company with happy, healthy employees? Experts say that encouraging fitness and wellness in the workplace promotes a healthy lifestyle among employees, helps prevent illness, and saves on company healthcare costs in the long run. Other reasons companies benefit from corporate fitness programs are increased productivity, improved employee morale,

Tips for Avoiding Temptation

How to stop mindless munching and avoiding temptation When your job involves truffle fries instead of office supplies, you have to get creative at dodging food so you don’t blow up like a human soufflé. Folks who whip up culinary delights for a living (or are just near them all day long) have to keep themselves

Fitting in a Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Career

Wondering lately what’s keeping you from effectively balancing your career with life outside work? Do you really have time to have fun with friends and family, while giving attention to your hobbies and personal interests? Or does work engulf you completely, even on the weekends? Healthy Lifestyle: Coming to Terms with Work-life Balance How do

Precision Nutrition ™ Programs

An active lifestyle coupled with a sound diet regimen is the key factor that determines how you feel on the inside and look on the outside. This can tend to be at times, as they say, easier said than done. Life seems to be passing us by at an alarmingly fast pace and it tends

Why Should Businesses Invest in Corporate Fitness?

According to the Wellness Council of America, over 100 million workdays are lost every year simply on account of lower back pain and similar problems. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that businesses today are investing heavily in corporate fitness programs in order to remain competitive and productive. With soaring levels of stress and a

TM – Why This May Be Helpful

As the fitness industry continues to evolve at a blinding pace, innovative individuals and industries are continuously cooking up ideas to make your life more enjoyable and less stress-free. Just about every person you come across today is involved in some kind of fitness regimen or active stress management protocol. If you’re among those “motivated”

What is the Hype All About – Do Meditation and Yoga Really Work?

Although the Oriental systems of Yoga and meditation may seem at first to have some sort of mystical connotation and skeptics still remain incredulous about the results of practicing these techniques, there is a growing body of research supported by thousands of articles which beg to differ. But how exactly can contorting the limbs and

Top Health Benefits of Meditation

While the effectiveness of meditation in stress reduction has been established beyond doubt, recent studies have shown that meditative techniques can lead to multiple mental and physical health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attacks, and even increases one’s focus of attention. So what are the benefits of meditation? In fact a study published in Psychiatry

Transcendental Meditation: Reducing and Eliminating Stress

According to Dr Gary Kaplan, Master of Medicine by qualification and a senior neurologist at the New York University School of Medicine, not all forms of meditation are effective as stress relievers and for managing and controlling stress related disorders. Dr Kaplan states that for controlling mounting levels of stress that is synonymous with everyday