Bring Out Your Inner Kid With This Full Body Playground Workout

Who says playgrounds are just for kids? Using playground equipment and a park bench, you can get an effective, exhilarating workout. Here are some awesome playground exercises. Parents, you might be able to do some of these while your kids play too – as long as you don't hog your kids’ favorite play area! Warm Up

Get Primal At The Gym! Work Out With These Animal Inspired Exercises

Ever wanted to swing like a monkey, jump like a frog, or hop like a bunny? Get some inspiration from the animal kingdom for your next workout. These moves bring together the mobility, stability, power, flexibility, and endurance of some of the most athletic animals on the planet. Plus, these exercises are a fun change


[space height="20"] Woo-Hoo – It’s Time to Wake Up! That’s how we all feel when we wake up in the morning, right? Well, nooooo, although we’d like to. You already know that Step 1 is getting a good – and full - night’s sleep. It’s not always possible, but do your best. To start off