A Day in the Life of an NPC Figure Competitor

Being a competitive ‘fitness’ athlete may not be what people are initially led to believe. This line of work in reality requires raw dedication, countless sacrifices and a lot of time, money and especially, support. It takes serious commitment to even reach the competitive level; months on end, of hardcore dieting and training all comes

20 Minutes to Work Out: No Problem, Follow This Program

Ways of managing stress, staying fit and healthy is something that’s gained a fair amount of momentum over the years, and most if not all, have made it a habit to integrate some kind of exercise regimen into their often overburdening routines. Someone who’s very passionate about diet, health and exercise, unfortunately may not get

Top Health Benefits of Meditation

While the effectiveness of meditation in stress reduction has been established beyond doubt, recent studies have shown that meditative techniques can lead to multiple mental and physical health benefits, including lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attacks, and even increases one’s focus of attention. So what are the benefits of meditation? In fact a study published in Psychiatry

Top Five Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less

According to National Health Interview Survey of 2007, 12.7 % of the adults in the United States use deep breathing exercises to relax. Practicing mindful breathing regularly is not only energizing and calming but can also cure stress related health issues, such as panic attacks and digestive disorders. Regardless of where you are, at home

Increase Your Brain Power & Limit the Risk of Alzheimer’s with the Right Foods

Did you know that a healthy, balanced and a nutrient-rich diet can enhance your brainpower and can reduce the risk ofAlzheimer’s disease by 40%? A study published by Columbia Universityin 2010 demonstrated that a diet that was rich in fish, poultry, olive oil, nuts and some fruits and vegetables could increase brain health and lower the risk

Tips on Reducing Stress in the Workplace

Did you know that stress in the workplace can lead to numerous health problems, which may include weight gain, ageing, depression and even hypertension? If you have a high-pressured job or find yourself feeling stressed at work, here are some tips on reducing stress and to help you enhance your sense of wellbeing. [list type="icon-arrow"]