PFIT Better Booty Challenge: How To Take The Best Booty Photo!

Hello PFIT Better Booty Challengers!  We are so excited to be making our way into the fourth and final week of our inaugural monthly contest...The PFIT Better Booty Challenge!  First, we'd like to say THANK YOU to our contestants!  Second...WHERE'S THE PHOTO OF YOUR FANTASTIC PROGRESS?  To help, How To Take The Best Booty Photo is here!  

For Our Diva Dudes: How To Take A Great Fitness Photo!

Hey, Dudes! Want your fitness photos to turn heads? Want your six-pack abs and toned biceps to stand out? Photographer Beth Bischoff—who’s worked on many fitness shoots for leading health magazines—shares her wisdom about what it takes to snap attention-grabbing photos. 1. Use the right equipment. Digital cameras are your best choice overall. But if