Precision Fitness and Wellbeing’ – Corporate Wellness

Every Organization’s No.1 Asset – Employee Health & Wellbeing You’re probably aware of the role fitness plays in our lives, particularly as we age. Those among us who are heavily engaged in the corporate sector can find it near-impossible at times to have the energy or quite simply the time to get a good workout,

Coconut Milk Easily Made in Your Kitchen

You’ll find this being used as a common base in Indian and Thai recipes: good homemade coconut milk makes for a superb addition to smoothies and many desserts. You can save money by easily making your own at home from shredded or fresh coconut. Coconut milk not only makes for a great lactose-free milk alternative,

Looking Good Without the Knife

Worrying about your looks too much will not only be a source of unwanted stress, but also makes you age faster. As a result, you see some folks gladly going under the knife in a bid to restore youthful looks and perhaps go back to feeling what it was like to be young and full

Why You Should Avoid These Foods

It’s not particularly reassuring to know that roughly 12.9 million folks globally developed cardiovascular diseases in 2004 alone – as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). The World Cancer Research (WCR) estimates about eight million people succumbed to cancer. There’s a correlation here – Cancer and heart disease both are in fact, the result

Homemade Almond Milk – Entertain Your Taste Buds

It’s no secret we milk lovers are constantly finding ways of adding vigor and substance to our favorite dairy drink. A recipe I recently stumbled upon is homemade almond milk. You’re going to, no doubt, love the mellow milky flavor this drink offers, coupled with its incredible creaminess. This is really good stuff and so

Creating Healthy Habits

Do you find yourself being routinely late for work or personal engagements? It’s only the first half of the day, and you feel as if your energy levels are starting to plummet. It’s 5 pm, you’re stuck in traffic and it’s really starting to eat you up for some reason. What could possibly be wrong?