Is it Easier for Men to Lose Weight than Women?

You may find how this resonates with millions of women when we touch on the subject of weight loss: “I work out really hard, OK? I’ve nailed the diet part just right and shedding a few pounds takes at least a few grueling months” she says. “My husband on the other hand cheats on his

Precision Fitness and Wellbeing’ – Corporate Wellness

Every Organization’s No.1 Asset – Employee Health & Wellbeing You’re probably aware of the role fitness plays in our lives, particularly as we age. Those among us who are heavily engaged in the corporate sector can find it near-impossible at times to have the energy or quite simply the time to get a good workout,

Not All Protein Powders Are the Same

To Powder or Not to Powder? No doubt one of the biggest concerns fitness-conscious folks have is how to get in adequate amounts of high-quality protein, the most convenient and cost-effective way. Naturally, all that hard work in the gym is going to require replenishing and feeding tired muscles. Recovery is a key concern and

Coconut Milk Easily Made in Your Kitchen

You’ll find this being used as a common base in Indian and Thai recipes: good homemade coconut milk makes for a superb addition to smoothies and many desserts. You can save money by easily making your own at home from shredded or fresh coconut. Coconut milk not only makes for a great lactose-free milk alternative,

Oven-Fried Walnut and Rosemary Chicken

Good old fried chicken is considered one of the ultimate comfort foods. Chances are though if you belong to the health-conscious lot, you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t have a reputation for clogging the arteries. It’s no secret that chicken is widely popular. Folks love chicken, actually most folks eat chicken, as opposed to

Get Sexy Abs

Despite adding a variety of ab routines into your daily workouts, if you’re still finding it hard to burn off unwanted fat around the waist and getting those abs to show, you may be on the wrong path. Read the following tips on how you can get sexy abs. First off, let’s put this myth

10 Ways of Staying Healthy on Vacation

Gearing up for a big summer vacation? All set to take a trip to an exotic locale and indulge in the sights, sounds and cuisine? Here are 10 tips for staying healthy on vacation: Most of us look at a vacation as an opportunity to relax and have fun, and the very thought of eating

Bikini Competitor – Off-season diet and training plan

  Bikini competitor Off-season Fitness Here you’ll find some valuable tips and tricks of the trade, along with a diet and training regimen to stay in top off-season shape. A balanced training program for a bikini competitor would typically revolve around weights, cardio and plyo-metrics. Even though every competitor’s figure comes with a unique set

Blueberry Coconut Bread

There’s a lot to making scrumptious and wholesome blueberry coconut bread than just a fancy recipe. For example, choosing the right kind of flour can have a major impact on not just the taste but also boost the health factor of your recipe. Going with gluten-free almond flour is among the healthiest choices one can

Out with the Bad, In with the New

Fats and cholesterol Let’s set the record straight here: not all fats are created equal. However, even to this day, in some fitness circles, fats still get a bad rep and are generally touted as being “bad for you”. Generally speaking, there are certain forms of fat that are indeed responsible for heart-related diseases. It

Top Workouts for a Perfect Bikini Body

Getting that perfect bikini body could be all about determination and planning. You would need to remain focused to your goals and plan your workout schedules accordingly. Remember, achieving a bikini-ready frame could involve all three forms of training, cardio, stretching exercises and strengthening workouts. You will be required to burn fat, elevate fitness levels

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Bikini Body

  A perfect bikini body is much more than just being fit. It is how you carry yourself, what you choose to wear and of course getting that great tan. So, what we need is holistic fitness and that is what we want to give you tips for in this article. Eat a big bowl